Herbs for Back Pain

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Many people suffer from chronic or acute back pain that affects their day to day life in a significant way. It’s easy to think that the only choice you have when you experience pain like this is to turn to conventional medicine – but this simply isn’t the case. In contrast, there are many natural remedies out there that have been proven to be effective against issues like back pain.

This means that conventional medicine is definitely not the only way to deal with chronic back pain issues, and while the research on herbs and their benefits is still in the early stages, there is still a long list out there that are considered to have naturally-occurring health benefits. Let’s talk about some of the best herbs for back pain so that you can have another option that isn’t regular medicine.

  1. Turmeric

This ancient herb is well known in a lot of Indian and Asian dishes, but what you may not know about it is that is can be an effective natural remedy against a whole host of health issues that cause chronic pain. From heartburn to arthritis and even inflammation, there are a lot of ways that turmeric can help with pain.

If you experience back pain as a result of inflammation, then you may want to consider trying it to bring a bit of managed relief. Turmeric contains an important chemical that is called curcumin, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. One thing that you’ll love about turmeric as an option is that it’s safe to use, with the only risk being a bit of indigestion if taken in high doses.

  1. Cayenne Pepper

If you’re someone who likes your food spicy, then you might like the idea of being able to take cayenne pepper to relieve your back pain. Luckily, though, the anti-inflammatory properties in cayenne pepper aren’t just limited to its original source. There are now a lot of topical creams on the market that contain the naturally occurring chemical capsaicin, which contains anti-inflammatory properties. This means that you can access this for pain relief through a natural cream, or you can add cayenne pepper to your meals for added pain relief. Capsaicin is also known for promoting the dilation of blood vessels, which can bring relief from back pain as circulation is promoted and encourages healing to the area.

  1. CBD

CBD is one of the newest, and most popular, alternative natural remedies in the medical industry right now. This means that not only are there a lot of companies out there now selling it, but there’s also a lot of research done to discover just how many benefits CBD can have for issues like back pain. There are some studies that have been done that suggest that CBD can have a positive effect on how your body processes pain, but as we said, there’s a lot of research that still needs to be done. Additionally, CBD is known for being able to help with anxiety, a symptom that often comes hand in hand with chronic issues like back pain.

  1. Ginger

There is a lot more research that needs to be done into this herb, but ginger has been associated with phytochemicals, which can help stop the effects of inflammation. Additionally, there are very few side effects associated with ginger when taken in regular doses.


With this list, it’s clear to see that when it comes to natural remedies, there are many different options out there. While some need a bit more research, it’s clear that you have more options than just your regular pharmaceuticals that often have negative side effects. Always consult your healthcare professional before taking anything in regard to the dosage and longevity of the subscription.



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