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Tips to Find the Best Basketball Hoop for Driveway 

Playing basketball at home has become one very undeniable trend with most driveways and backyards on the block having a basketball hoop standing on a pole surrounded by either grass or hard cement flooring. Some basketball hoops are so small that they can even be mounted on doors and can be played indoors (depending on the interior of your home.)

Here are some basketball hoops that come in different brands and sizes, and as such there are many specifics that one needs to consider when choosing a hoop to purchase for your driveway.

The following, therefore, are the four best basketball hoops in the market as acclaimed by most popular reviews.

The Lifetime 1269

With its sturdy backboard built with polycarbonate that makes it weather-resistant and also resilient in case of a fall, this basket hoop is a perfect basket hoop for your driveway.

The Lifetime 1296 is a basket hoop that can be adjusted to suit players of varying ages and professional levels. However, this adjusting activity may be very stressful and difficult, so it is advisable for one to tilt the hoop before trying to adjust it.

The Lifetime 1269 is very durable and relatively affordable, however, its hoops lack spring, so one may not be able to dunk effectively.

The Spalding 66291 

Of all the Spalding products, this is easily the cheapest. This basket hoop is held sturdy by a 34-gallon base that keeps it standing even in cases of very strong wind.

Its hoop is attached to a 54-inch acrylic backboard that gives the best rebound effect is supported by an authentic steel pad at its back.

The Spalding 66291 is heavy-duty and of excellent quality, however, its parts are not labelled, and it may take quite a lot of hours (and probably more than one person) to assemble the system after purchase.

The Spalding NBA

This basketball hoop is quite stable, sturdy, affordable, and even specified for pro basketball players who are seeking to improve their skills on their driveway. Like the Spalding 66291, it is adorned with an acrylic backboard that gives it a full rebound effect. Its perfectly stringed rim enables dunking movement, and they are protected from early corrosion and rust by steel cover outside springs.

The Lifetime 90023

The acrylic backboard of this basket hoop is a small 40 inches, but it is sufficient enough for a basketball system to cater to family recreation. Its adjustment range is around an average of 9 feet, so it can be used by different levels of players. Printed in fade-resistant ink, it still remains new, even after a long time of use.

The Lifetime 90023 pole stands a perfect distance away from the backboard, making it pretty sturdy for gameplay, however, its packaging lacks instruction which makes assembly very difficult.

All of the aforementioned basketball hoops have their strengths and weaknesses, however, for durability and long use, other measures have to be taken. During bad weather when it is really windy outside, roll your basketball system into your garage for storing. You can also adjust its height to a minimum level, and gravity will help keep it sturdy in bad weather. Also, inspect them frequently to see if there are any rusts, corrosion, or components that need to be repaired.


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