How to Find the Right English Tutor

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With an increase in the number of people giving away their valuable knowledge of the English language, those on a lookout have to pick from a bunch. And due to the overwhelming amount of choices, deciding on who to pick has become tougher than ever before.

It is hard to draft a guide that would serve everyone in finding the right tutor because everyone uses a different approach to their search. Some are relaxed and do not have any strong preference for being taught by a private tutor or a teaching institution. Whereas others have a strong opinion about how the tutor must be. Here is your guide to find the right English tutor for yourself;

Teachers Vs. Tutor: Why Should You Go For A Tutor?

Before we jump to the ways leading to the best English tutoring for you, it is important to understand the basic difference between a tutor and a private classroom teacher.

A classroom teacher introduces you to the course and the material in their signature way. They use different ways to present the course to appeal to the student’s learning styles. When you cannot get your head around a topic, a classroom teacher will do as much as they can to help you out. However, there is a difference between trying and doing; usually, teachers in institutions do not have enough time to attend students individually and help them with their respective problems.

On the other hand, a private tutor is more flexible with work and schedule. They are responsible for you individually, and it becomes their duty to make sure that things are one hundred percent uncomplicated for you. They are lenient and use a friendly teaching approach, for instance, reviewing activities, dialogues, fictions, games, etc.

It is easy to tell a tutor what specifically are your requirements and the things you need to work on, whereas there is no such case with a classroom teacher.


Not all tutors are the same. With different personalities, backgrounds and experiences, it would be better to look for a tutor with traits you can work better with.

Here is a list of things you must inquire about in your private English tutor while hiring;

1 – Educational Background

Although English is a language and can be mastered by anyone irrespective of their educational background, it still indicates whether they are good or not.

There are different requirements for certain levels. For instance, if you are a college student, you might not want to settle for anyone less than a professional degree holder. However, if you are a high school pupil or are learning English merely for communication, then anyone with strong command in this language can tutor you. Besides, your private tutor needs to be a professional because even a classmate or a family member with good spoken or written English can help you with concepts. But, only a certified and reputable person with a complete understanding of the language can guide you through and help you build a strong grasp of English.

2 – Teaching Style

Just like pupils have a certain learning style, tutors also have different teaching styles. Each tutor you will come across has been trained in a particular environment or/and have taught and gained experience in diverse institutes. Make sure you do a thorough background check that includes an educator’s teaching styles as well – for not all methods might work for you.

For instance, a certain teacher might favor games, but instead, you prefer drills & quizzes. If you are not quite sure of your learning style, invest some time taking trials to clear up any confusion.

3 – What Kind of Results to Expect

It is important to understand for both you and your tutor to know what to expect. If you are seeking a tutor for the preparation of a test or an exam, let him be aware of it so that he can tailor his sessions accordingly.

Whatever the reason might be, ensure total transparency on this matter with your tutor to avoid any mishaps or disappointments. This will also allow the tutor to give you a well-prepared or almost accurate timeline of the course.


Tutors, especially for a language as universal as English, are available everywhere, though you might have to dig deeper to pick the best in the business. Here is your guide to starting your research for the right tutor;

1 – Ask an Instructor or a Classmate

The best place to look for recommendations for an English tutor is your subject instructor. They might not offer to teach, but they must know someone who does. For instance, they must have work-mates or contacts in the educational field willing to privately tutor students. Either with or without reference, they can direct you to some quality teachers.

Another good place to start is your class-fellows. There is a great chance most of them have mired private tutors they are satisfied with.

2 – Online Options

Today, we have electronic platforms offering tutors in a huge variety. These tutors come from all over the world. Either they could be native English speakers or people with degrees and certification in the language and offer in-person teaching.

One big advantage of online tutoring is that one can save so much time he might have spent on traveling to attend the sessions. Besides, it is very flexible, and you can get a tutor based on your schedule. Most online tutors offer students with free trials or first few sessions so that the pupil can judge the situation and decide accordingly.

3 – Checking Learning Institutions

If you wish for a formal learning environment, a tutoring center is the best option for you. It is also a good option if you prefer face-to-face teaching and finds this method more effective.

Another benefit of tutoring institutions is that the entire work is screened according to the center’s requirements. You do not have to worry about doing all the checks to see the teachers’ credibility.

However, teaching centers have a downfall that there are only limited teachers available, and one might face problems with compatibility between the tutor and himself.

Also, most centers are flexible and will arrange crash classes and switching between tutors to best serve your requirements.


The more effort you put in researching and choosing a tutor, the more content you will feel. The right choice of tutor will ensure effective results right from the beginning. One-to-one tutoring is a diverse world in itself, and each tutor will have something that makes him distinct amongst the rest. This makes it compulsory for students to do thorough research before settling on a decision.



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