I Went from a Dead-End Job to CEO 

Quitting My Job for a New Beginning 

I remember the day I decided that I was done working for a company that didn’t appreciate me, one that had me coming home stressed every day and living paycheck to paycheck.  

That day, the customers were harsher than usual, and my boss was as snippy and ungrateful as ever. I remember thinking to myself, “I hate my job,” and “If only I could work for a company that actually cared about its employees as much as its customers, I would be happy.” 

At that moment, I realized that I don’t have to work for any company. Instead, I could create the business I wanted and be much happier. That’s how it all began. 

Over the next few weeks, so many ideas stewed in my head. I spoke with my best friend about what we could do to make things happen quickly. We quickly landed on a solid foundation and started brainstorming strategies.  

When we finally came up with a plan, I went to work one morning, headed into my boss’s office, and told him that I was quitting. After an awkward silence, he asked if I had another job lined up.  

I answered: “Yes. My own!” 

Schedule Blocking Is an Important Tool 

Of course, we weren’t drowning in customers right away. It took us a long time to develop a loyal base. However, when the orders started coming in consistently, I felt overwhelmed and needed to step back. I couldn’t leave everyone hanging, though, and decided to learn better ways to handle a business.  

One of the most helpful things I learned was to start making schedule blocks. In short, you create blocks of time in your schedule, during which you complete certain tasks. This frees up so much time and keeps you on track to complete your goals.  

I always allot several 30-minute blocks of time to specific tasks. Sometimes, I take breaks, and allow myself time to recover. This helps me destress and stay centered throughout the day!  

Meditation is an Easy Way to Stay Cool 

Another thing I love to do is meditate. It lets me clear my mind and reflect on the day’s trials and tribulations. By spending just a few minutes listening to water and rain sounds with my eyes closed, I can calm myself down and get back to doing great work. It’s wonderful to take breaks every now and again; it keeps you grounded and also boosts your efficiency 

It’s a good idea to take time to yourself. The better news is that there are more ways to do this than simply meditating! Feel free to watch a few YouTube videos during your break or take a power nap. You’ll be surprised by how much it helps!  

Refining My Appearance 

I also learned that, when it comes to the business world, you need to dress to impress. Throw out the jeans and t-shirts and start wearing tailored suits. Your clients and customers will take you more seriously and looking in the mirror will boost your mood and self-esteem!   

I was always worried about how my face looked, and with the stresses of starting a business, I only grew new wrinkles. This took a toll on my self-confidence until I scheduled a consultation with a local plastic surgeon and discussed my options.  

After the meeting, I decided that it was time to take the plunge, and a few months later, the effects of aging are a distant memory. It was well worth it in the long run to rejuvenate my appearance with a male facelift

Being a Team Player 

Once the orders started to pile up, we quickly realized that we needed more hands-on deck. Otherwise, the work would come out rushed and sloppy and destroy our reputation.  

We started hiring employees to help run the business. That was when I realized I had no idea how to manage people. So, I took an online course in management and learned a lot about efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Without that class, I don’t know how (or if!) we’d be able to grow our business, let alone keep it afloat! 


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