How to find your perfect teaching mentor?

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We all need someone’s little help every once in a while. One can deal with this amazing challenge in many ways but the best way is to develop a network of mentors and teachers. These mentors assist you in dealing with these challenges with their years of experience. These mentors and teachers can be from your school, college or your home tutor as well.

Difference between Teacher and a Mentor

Everyone among us come across different people from various fields that either teach or mentor us. Even most negative people and sarcastic interactions pass on some knowledge and skill. It is important to figure out which one you need; teacher or mentor. Let’s first define these terms;

  • Teachers can teach you the skills and knowledge which you lack. They have expertise in a particular field or they are trained enough to impart certain skills. Since you are not precisely at the same level of expertise as your teacher is, you tend to be more obedient.
  • Mentors can be a teacher but usually, they do not teach you any specific skill. Once you learn any skills now the next step is to master that skill. The mentor is helping you with his wisdom and experience; it guides you to master that skill that you have learned from any teacher to be successful.

This is truly very important to apprehend that some people might between these two depending on the need. But maybe what one person can teach might not be able to mentor you well.

Be very sure that you find someone who is happy and have fun while mentoring you. Try to interact with experienced teachers who love to teach and they do not take their profession as a burden. There is a lot more to love about this profession, but at the same time, there are so many hurdles in their path. For example, teachers do not earn what they fundamentally deserve. Those make some teacher’s feelings about their profession negative as others. Pay some serious attention to this aspect before getting attached to any of your favorite people for mentorship. You might feel that you are on the right track when you find someone who spread out happiness and enjoy the student’s company. Find someone who loves students and act of sharing their knowledge and expertise in a mannered way.

Everyone is a Mentor

Everyone you come in contact with is your mentor and they are going to teach you something new every day. You can learn from people around you, follow them how they perform their job and how they are inspiring people. You can connect with those people who plan and communicate their message effectively to their targeted audience. And you can follow them whatever suits and appeals to you.

Not only good people, but you can also learn a lot from those who are not good at leadership and managing their tasks. One can learn as much from these people as they learn from great mentors or leaders. So, I believe everyone is a mentor in different ways. Now it is up to you how you manipulate things.

Look someone who is living your dreams

You are not alone in this world, no matter what kind of challenges you are dealing with. Lots of other people are around you who have gone through these challenges. They have answers, so do not waste your time and energy figuring out yourself. You can interact with those people who are living your hallucinations. You can build a good relationship first; another option is to pay them for mentoring. This could be expensive but not that much expensive as trying things on your own. You may make more mistakes and this could prolong your success.

Remember don’t send any message or email saying, I have an idea that is more like a game-changing point. Let’s discuss this. People do not have much time to wait for your response, just show your skills and tell them directly what is in your mind. And yes above all, do not ask help from broken people it might include your parents.

Earn it

You must have something that can be offered to get a great mentor besides an amazing idea. But if you have a good idea but you are also doing a job, go to sleep early, have lots of other tasks to do; then your mentors apparently out of nowhere. You need to be kind to every person you meet, stay away from negative thoughts.

Every morning, go for a walk and there should a walking gratitude list with you. If possible say it loud. Do not ever ask your mentor to invest or give you anything, stay away from fawning talks and tell truth always. This is how you can keep your mentor for a long time connected happily with you.

Do not put all your eggs in one basket

There is no hard rule mentioned anywhere, that we are only permitted to one mentor in our lives. If you have a few mentors that can help you instead of having one; it would benefit you tremendously. For example, you might connect with someone from your school or college teacher, and another mentor can be working with parents or families and someone else can be a social person who can help you too in an amazing way. This way you cannot lean on any single person, you might have multiple options to seek help from.

Do not stop until you find the One

Consider your mentor as a GPS navigator, who can understand your intentional destination and help you get the best route. And they do not judge you if you take any wrong turn in the journey. Rather, they ask questions that can be helpful for you to discover who you are looking to be like. Finding a perfect mentor is also getting half of your destination. You should need to walk around different people before getting the one to get attached with.

Chemistry is an important element in any sort of relationship, and mentorship has no exception. If you are not happy with your mentor, just break up with them and go for another one. Here you need to trust your gut feeling; you will know the moment you get the right mentor. And this will be shown by your behavior and outcomes. So keep on moving, do not get stuck with someone. If you feel you are jammed at any point and not getting out of it, change your mentor. And this works!

The Bottom Line

The best place to start your mentor search is your school, college or university; some consultants are supposed to help students. Mostly, institutes these days set up mentorship on their own to help their students. No one denies the importance of teachers, mentors, and coaches, as they are rich in their fields.

Their experiences are more valuable than any other stuff that one could read in books, there is something magical in the right mentor. It might be hard for some people to ask for help, but good mentors know that when you needed them the most. And this is the time when they show interest in helping their people without asking. They listen to you, spend time and give you some valuable suggestions. So you better consult your mentors and try to seek help from your sources. This is going to be the best of all that you do for yourself.



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