Keep Your Tiny Home Organized With These 3 Clever Storage Ideas

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The main goal of living in a tiny house is making the most of the space that you have. And to optimize your area, you must always make sure that you stay free from clutter. You cannot leave your shoes, books, and other knick-knacks lying around your home. Place them in their dedicated storage whenever these things are not in use.

Staying organized while living in a tiny home can be crucial for you as a homeowner. Those piles of clutter could make the area feel a little crowded. Without a proper storage area, you could wind up having to come across your stuff uncomfortably. Overall, clutter means bad news for small and humble spaces like most tiny houses have.

You can use some of these storage solutions. Some storage tips you will find in this article can work for different lifestyles. The main goal is to get your place organized. These storage tips are a good place to start.


Shoe Bench

A shoe storage bench is a multi-functioning furniture wherein you can store your shoes away. These types of storage solutions are useful for keeping your shoes organized. You can also use the bench so that you will have someplace to sit. Spend some time sitting on the counter while you make a decision on which pair to wear.

This is at its most useful when you place it near your door. This type of storage furniture can also be excellent in your walk-in closet. You can be sure that a shoe storage bench can fit in perfectly with the aesthetic of your house, cabinet, or room. A shoe storage bench typically stores about a few pairs of shoes.

These types of storage furniture can be perfect if you’re a sneakerhead who follows a rotation. Got your precious Jordans or Yeezys? Stash them in here for quick access. You will not have to search your shoe boxes to look for your go-to kicks. Place your favorite kicks in this shoe storage bench. You can quickly grab them, put them on, and be on the go.

Add A Lot Of Shelves And Shelf Space.

Shelves are a great storage solution to stay organized. These are also handy in times when you are saving space. There are shelves that you can attach to your walls. These shelves seem like they float, thus the name floating shelves. Add a bunch of floating shelves to cater to your storage needs.

You can store anything away from your books, novels, a portable tool box, and many more. The beautiful thing about shelves is that they can mix right in the aesthetic of the room. You can arrange whatever you want to place on these shelves and make it look like a personal showcase.

You can also add shelves to your kitchen area. If there is one thing that your kitchen can use, that is a ton of shelf space. Keep your spices, cooking utensils, and more on your added shelves. Your kitchen would appreciate the organization and space-saving qualities that shelves would bring.

Bike Rack And Hooks

This storage solution is for the people who love the great outdoors, and by extension, biking. But if you don’t have a garage or enough space to park your bike, this is the thing for you. Parking your bicycle inside your tiny home could take up a ton of space, why not opt for an indoor bike rack?

You could find a dedicated space in your home for this bike rack. because the rack itself is not that big. There are even indoor bike racks that can hang through a single hook. If you run short on floor space, then you can buy a hook. Place a hook on the wall and easily hang your bike. You can turn your wall into your very own indoor bike storage with a single hook.


A person who owns a tiny home should prioritize staying organized. The reason is simple: an organized personal space could translate into a comfortable lifestyle within a small house. Avoid clutter and use these three storage tips to save you a little more space. Tuck your favorite things and knick-knacks away into these storage solutions. For more options, check out shoe storage from Factory Buys



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