10 Ways to Respond to Instagram Comments to Gain Followers

Instagram helps people connect throughout. Are you looking to gain followers? Are you responding to Instagram comments? How do you respond to these comments to gain followers? Let us help you through our blog to respond to Instagram comments to gain followers.

Instagram is a social media app to interact with people. If you don’t engage with other people, you won’t get any followers. People all over are excited to talk or communicate with each other. They will try to reach you in ways before they follow you. No one follows anyone if the other person is not active or responding to them. Your comments should be meaningful while responding so you can gain followers.

10 Ways to respond to Instagram comments to gain followers are given below:

  1. Response to positive Instagram comments

Responding to people who take time to praise you over comments is necessary. They might be thoughtful towards you and your post. If you are sincerely grateful for their comment, it might be noticeable to them. Others will also notify you and will have an excellent opinion of you. It will lead to the gaining of followers. Otherwise, you can also buy Instagram followers to increase engagement in your profile.

  1. Interacting with unjustified negative comments 

There is always hate speech going out. How to deal with it? Don’t reply soon to them but do reply later. Try to understand what is going on and get to the bottom of it; if it is your mistake, write an apologyi n the comment section. Don’t let your anger get the way to it. Social media is a platform where things get triggered fast, so being calm is the best you can do. The negative comments should be responded to positively.

  1. One word or emoji response

Some people comment with one word or emojis. If you are a beginner and trying to gain followers, it is better to reply to these responses. You can reply in emojis or one word such as “Thank You” as a response.

  1. Responding to the questions

If you have asked a question to the audience and you see a lot of responses, try to approach the maximum of them. It always depends on what you ask. You can identify the relevant ones and make them feel appreciated by your comment. They should be feeling seen by your comment. Also, like the comments which you are not responding to.

  1. An comes with a question or query

When a fellow user approaches you with a question or any query, respond to them. You should understand the depth of the question if you can help them out in whatever way you can. When you respond to those comments, others get to see a side of you that they might admire. It is a way to gain followers.

  1. Replying to mentions

Some people go through different posts and tag you in that thinking about you. You might not want to reply to it, but the person who mentioned you must have been thoughtful. Once you respond, they will appreciate your gratitude towards them. They will feel seen and understood by you. These things are noticeable to other Instagram users too.

  1. Response to neutral comments

Not always comments need to carry feelings. You can take those comments lightly and respond casually. You have to understand the comment before identifying it as neutral. The users also appreciate some long text in comments and help you gain followers.

  1. Mention to others in your post

If you feel that someone tagging others in your post is appreciable, let them know. Be thankful to them for mentioning it in your post. Be glad that your content made them think of someone.

  1. Replying to justified negative comments

Negative comments can have a significant impact on you. How you respond to it is different. You need to do your research and not delay much with the reply. This will put you in a bad name. If you handle it wisely with correct information, you will be wise. If it is your mistake, come out honestly and put up an apology.

  1. Review your content

Some will write a review for your content. It can be positive or negative. You should appreciate both cases and write a thankful and meaningful comment for that. This would mean you are open to criticisms and Instagram users appreciate that.

Final thoughts

These were the 10 ways to respond to Instagram comments to gain followers. Instagram is an interacting social app, so commenting is very important. Indulging with fellow users is helpful to gain followers. I hope you got the information you needed through our blog. Let us know if you changed something in your comment style or not!




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