A Caterer’s Guide to Food Trends

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Remember the multiple frozen yoghurt shops that popped out on the same year? How about the numerous articles shared by your friends about the newbie’s guide to fermented foods? There’s also the renewed interest in herbal tea which benefited many, even those who are not fans of a cuppa. And do not forget the rise of plant-based protein which uses tofu, quinoa, and tempeh.

All these prove that trends are not exclusive to fashion and décor. The arrival of food trends is a common occurrence. Some last longer than others while a few remains to be a classic staple in people’s diet. Imagine a plate of sushi-a dish that might have appeared foreign for some time is now a long-term dinner preference.

A successful catering business relies on the best food around and better than the best service. Knowing what people want and adapting to the demands of the period are two of the main qualities which make a caterer last in the foodservice industry. Whether you need to purchase a commercial slush machine in the UK for nostalgia’s sake or you need to learn the best way to serve Hawaiian poke bowls for your healthy menu set, providing an experience for your clients will surely get you a repeat customer.

In addition to your current service, here are the possible ways to expand your clientele and adapt to the current trends that have the qualities of being a classic:

  1. Include a menu offering that is focused on nutrient-packed whole foods.

It cannot be denied that more people are choosing to eat healthily. Gone are the days when a healthy diet is only meant for people who want to lose weight. Nowadays, it is a lifestyle choice for people who are mindful of the earth’s sustainability and their holistic health. The trend taught people better-eating habits. Because of this, healthy eating is a trend that will surely last for a long time because health will always be an important aspect of people’s lives.

Your menu can be a take on Japanese dishes by using tofu and salmon, or it can be a complete set of plant-based meals. Plus, you better take advantage of the fact that the UK is now the leader when it comes to vegan food.

2. Offer unique ice cream flavors.

Many people look forward to dessert when they attend events. According to Waitrose and Whole Foods, ice cream is having a moment. This might come as a surprise since ice cream is known to be a classic dessert option. However, people are looking for more than just vanilla. Flavors like coconut, avocado, and guava are becoming popular choices. Perhaps, you can create a signature flavor that your clients will look forward to all the time.

3. Lower that booze in your cocktail bar.

Many are deciding to cut back on the booze and choosing mixed drinks like pina colada over hard liquor. Your bartender can master the classic drinks like mojito and Pimm’s cup, yet it’s time for your bartender to be crafty in creating interesting mixes that have little to no alcohol because people are more experimental in terms of flavor.

A catering service is the type of business which is stressful from the moment you answer the inquiry via phone up to the time you receive the last piece of the check. However, being there, again, in another milestone of a client’s life is proof that you are doing it right.



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