Applications of a 3D printer in a business

As 3D printing technology develops and becomes increasingly accessible, more and more businesses around the world are finding innovative ways to use them. 3D printing as the name suggests is technology that allows you to develop actual useful objects through a 3D printer.

3D printing technology has been in existence for about two decades. It was previously too expensive for it to be used in a business environment. However, over the years, as other technologies have gone down in price, so has 3D technology.

Here are some different applications of the technology in a business setting.

Complicated designs

3D printing allows businesses to build products that have complicated designs. With this technology, all you need is to feed your design into the printing system and hit print.

For the best final product, you need to source for the best printers and materials. BCN3D offers support and high quality materials for your 3D printers project. They provide high quality 3D printers affordably and materials for high quality products.

Products customization

With 3D printing technology, it is easy and fast to develop, design and create customized products. With the printer, all you need to do is feed the design of the product that you want to produce and it will give you exactly that. This helps you to build on-demand products fast and easy.

Offer 3D printing services

Companies do not have to buy their own printing machines. You can see this as a business opportunity that you can invest in.

By buying a few 3D printing machines, you can start a business outsourcing 3D printing services to other companies. To gain a large number of customers, you will have to work with their designers and show that you have the capability to develop their products.

3D printing services can be consumed by any manufacturer for better products and faster production at lower costs.


3D printing is in used in numerous industries. With this technology, it is easy to disrupt an existing industry in a flash.

The building industry is yet to fully embrace this technology that has already shown that it can improve the speeds of product delivery and lower the costs of production. This was proved when a regular house was put up in 24 hours from 3D printed material.

Medical Manufacturing

This is another avenue that has already proved ripe for the use of 3D printing. With 3D printing, you can print prosthetic body parts. 3D printing enables prosthetic parts to be manufactured quickly and customized to meet the needs of different people.

Printing with different materials

3D printing is quite flexible in the number of materials that this technology can use for production. There has been experiments with ceramic, plastic, clay, rubber among other different materials. This helps a range of industries lower their costs of production.


With the right materials, 3D printing can be used to create anything. It is therefore a technology whose time has come in this age of customized products and personalized manufacturing in various industries.




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