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Is it time to unclutter you home, remember these points

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Clutter is a serious issue. Apart from how unsightly it makes the house look, clutter can be a safety hazard too. Sometimes, overwhelmed by clutter, people can fall into a depression. Clutter also comes with its own allied dust and mold, creating even more problems. There is also an obvious downside, lack of space. Space that can be used for other important things, like a new arrival in the house or for other household purposes.

If you’re looking to unclutter your home, remember these points.

1. Make a plan – you have to plan how you’re going to go about uncluttering your home. Make a list of every room and what part of the rooms you want to clean first. Maybe the shoes cupboard in the hallway, closets in the rooms and the storage shelf in the bathrooms to start from. Choose your priority rooms. Decide how long each room will take and then set completion dates for everything. Once you have a plan in place, it get easier to work things through.

2. Think about things – you need to take a good look at what you have and what you want to do with your possessions. If you haven’t used it for a while, maybe you don’t need it after all? This is important because you need to really focus on the process of actually decluttering. Be steadfast in your resolve to get rid of all the stuff you don’t need. That’s the only way to declutter.

3. Create your zones – clutter needs concentrated effort. Create your clutter sorting zones. Discard, donate, keep, store can be your categories, for instance. Discard things you do not need. Be ruthless when it comes to throwing things out. If you haven’t used it for months or years, chances are you might not need it. Donate things that are in good condition but that you may not have too much use for. Keep the things you love and need. Store items you don’t have immediate use for but will need in the future. This will help you make quick decisions and prioritize your time.

4. Take a day off to think this through – getting rid of things is an emotional experience. You might want to take some time off and think about it. Once you’ve decided, then get going on the project.

5. Now organize – put stuff in similar bundles. Clothes, toys, linen, etc. – this will make it easier to sort out and give away.

6. A few ideas – The bedroom is the most important – empty closets and drawers, night stand space and dressing tables and go through everything with a fine comb. Get some DIY boxes in bright colors and put your things in them – hair accessories, make up brushes, books, medicines and lotions.

In the entry way, keep a designated space for your keys, bag, pocket book and umbrella. Place some hooks for coats and jackets too.

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