5 Useful Tools you Must have at Home

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If you are starting life as a new homeowner and you are wondering what tools you should have at your home, then you are at the right place. Equip yourself with these five essential tools so that you are ready for emergencies, home repairs, and improvement tasks. Here are the tools:


1. Screw Driver

A screwdriver is a very small tool yet very essential in our daily lives. However, you may need a set of screwdrivers as different appliances need different sizes. If you use an oversized screwdriver on a small screw, you will cause slipping. I am sure you do not want this to happen because slipping damages both the head of the screwdriver and the screw hence you may find it difficult to use the screwdriver again. So, if you own a range of appliances such as stereo player, computers and other electronic gadgets it is time you get yourself a set of screwdrivers.

2. Hammer

I bet you probably knew that a  hammer is an essential must-have tool at home. This is because hammers can be used to perform many tasks. For instance, if you need to pound a nail into a piece of wood a hammer will do. You can also use a hammer to tighten some loose metallic object. Just like screwdrivers, hammers also come in many sizes, but a small metallic-handled hammer is suitable for the average homeowner.

3. Pliers

The many types of pliers in the market perform different tasks. However, the most common and most used pliers in the plier family are the  locking pliers and the sharp-ended pliers. The sharp-ended or the needle-nose pliers are for instance used for simple home chores such as cutting wires and holding the uninsulated ended of a live wire. Depending on what tasks you perform regularly, you may want to own other types of pliers.

 4. Craftsman wooden poly shrub

You also need to take care of the lawn especially in spring or during the stormy season when too many leaves are falling from the trees. A craftsman wooden poly shrub will serve you well in clearing up after a storm since it is a light tool designed to clean even the tight corners of your home. While there are many other tools you can use to clean your lawn, the craftsman is essential because it is durable, affordable and performs many tasks.

5. Utility knife

You can never go wrong with a utility knife because at some point you will need to cut something. The utility knife is ideal for cutting the packing tape, rubber, linoleum, paper and even shower curtains. One of the benefits of a utility knife is that you will not damage the content of a package, something that is likely to happen if you used a steak knife instead. So get one if you do not have one already.


These are some of the useful tools that I suggest you should have, but obviously, you still need more tools to help you in your daily life. Find out about more tools by doing research and talking to friends to find more useful tools for your home.




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