8 Health Benefits of Owning a Dehumidifier

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A dehumidifier is a vital home appliance that is intricately designed to extract excess moisture from a living space. Contrary to the prevalent misconception, dehumidifiers are not exempt for people having serious dampness and mold issues. They come in handy for effective eradication of condensation, a widespread issue that can result from daily activities like cooking and showering. Excessive dampness encourages the growth of microorganisms like bacteria and dust mites in the indoor environment, which could cause deterioration of allergic and asthmatic conditions. Other notable health benefits to be derived from investing in a suitable dehumidifier are discussed below.

  • Prevents Allergic and Respiratory Reactions

All people, both young and old can develop allergic and respiratory complications. Prevention is better than cure, implying that families should go out of their way to ensure that there are no allergy triggers in their homes. Since allergens like mold and dust mites only thrive in humid environments, investing in a good dehumidifier is the first steps of taking the bull by the horns to prevent allergic reactions.

Also, dehumidifiers have been shown to combat respiratory symptoms like asthma, which is achieved by eliminating the conducive conditions for mold growth. In fact, a study reveals that there is a direct connection between mold exposure of an infant during their initial years of existence and their likelihood of developing respiratory health problems later in life. This is where dehumidifiers come in handy; to inhibit or combat mold growth and ultimately preventing the development or deterioration of respiratory issues.


  • Eliminates Dust Mites


Dust mites are extremely prevalent, and they can be found even in the cleanest of homes. Though microscopic, dust mites make a lot of people cringe in repulsion. These invisible occupants of mattresses, bedspreads, carpets, curtains and other fabrics including clothes are capable of triggering severe allergic reactions. But how can one control their infestation in a home? The answer is quite simple; since these micro-organisms only thrive in humid environments, reducing moisture from the indoor air provides an effective solution.


  • Prevents Mold Growth


There is no better place for mold to thrive than a damp environment. Mold is occasioned by water condensation on surfaces like windows or walls. Fungus not only makes a room appear ugly, but it is also the main cause of health-related glitches like asthma. Both pets and humans occupying a house with excessive humidity are susceptible to diseases triggered by inhaling a toxic substance that’s released by mildew.

Luckily, this menace can be dealt with prolifically by using a dehumidifier, which keeps the air dry hence creating a better environment for healthy living. There are three requisite components for fungus development, which include optimum temperature, moisture, and organic material. Some of these fungi are responsible for tropical diseases in humans such as typhoid. Ideally, when one creates a dry environment using a dehumidifier, the growth of the fungus is hindered. Over a short period, it vanishes entirely.


  • Enhanced Breathing For People With Respiratory Diseases


Several respiratory diseases like tuberculosis or lung cancer often cause difficulties in breathing for the patients. Although dehumidifiers don’t necessarily cure these ailments, they make breathing a whole lot easier for the patients by removing allergens that trigger or fuel the symptoms of these ailments. The ultimate result is purifying the air to make it sufficiently soothing for the patients’ throat and lungs.


  • Enhanced Skin Health


The environment in which people reside plays a huge role on their skin conditions. For instance, excessively hot and humid air can cause unnecessary sweating, resulting in infections, inflammation or even fierce itching on the skin. As temperatures rise in the summer months, it is important to equip a home with a dehumidifier to regulate the humidity in their indoor environment, which will serve to maintain the appropriate moisture on the skin. This is why many hospitals are equipped with dehumidifiers.


  • Fresh Foods


When dry foods such as grains, cereals or bread come into contact with moisture, they often become toxic. And if by any chance a person unknowingly consumes these foods, they can suffer from mild fever and diarrhea among other symptoms. However, foodstuffs can be kept fresh longer by installing a dehumidifier in the pantry or wherever an individual prefers keeping their dry foods.  This device will effectively regulate the amount of humidity in a home and ultimately keep moisture away from the food.


  • Facilitates Sleep


People living in damp homes endure a bunch of sleeping problems compared to those living in houses with a low amount of moisture in the atmosphere. This is because high levels of moisture make it difficult for excess water to evaporate off the body, making a person hot and uncomfortable. Therefore, to ensure better sleep, it’s prudent to maintain the level of humidity in a house at around 50%.


  • Eradicates Musty Smell


A musty odor is the typical aftermath of excess humidity, which often leads to mildew growth. Such mold releases foul gases that are subsequently absorbed by the surrounding furniture, fabric, and wall, which could be extremely frustrating and damaging to the overall comfort of a home. It is, therefore, imperative to place a dehumidifier in areas like the basement, laundry room, and crawl spaces to absorb the excess humidity. This device will effortlessly nip the unwelcome smells in the bud.


A dehumidifier denotes an electrical device that is designed to maintain the appropriate level of moisture in the air, especially for comfort and health reasons. It can be used in homes, commercial spaces or even industrial applications. Getting a dehumidifier will go a long way in improving a person’s quality of life, which is especially true for those suffering from allergies and respiratory ailments.



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