The Most Useful Apps for Today’s Active Men.

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No matter if you’re a dad or career minded individual, it can be hard to stay on target when things are hectic. Fortunately, technological advances such as your smartphone and tablet are geared to bring fun, organization and order to your life. The following are 6 of the most useful apps for today’s active men.

Health Mate

Staying on top of your health and fitness is challenging enough when you have a busy lifestyle. If you’re looking for an app that keeps track of your heart rate and activity level, Health Mate monitors blood pressure, offers tips to shed pounds and logs your physical activity. You can even share the information that has been calculated with a loved one or physician. It also works in tandem with other partner apps such as BodyMedia and RunKeeper.


When it comes to gift giving, finding the ideal present for your partner, father, brother or special buddy can be hard. From GoPro’s and Vaping kits to espresso makers and outdoor barbecues, many of today’s most sought after tech gadgets are designed to make life fun and interesting for your loved ones. If you’ve gifted your mate with the latest outdoor cookery, and he’s far from the ultimate grilling master, there’s an app to help him hone is culinary skills. GrillTime runs various cooking timers that will remind the cook in your home when the burgers, steak, fish or chicken are at the ideal doneness. It also offers tips on how to achieve the most tender and juicy food.

Find My iPhone

If you’re like most busy individuals, you probably spend a majority of your busy day looking for lost objects such as your keys and eye glasses. Another common item that typically loses its way throughout the day is your smartphone. To make finding your smartphone easier, down load the Find My iPhone app. Simply log in to your Apple ID and the app will display a map that leads to your phone. You can also lock the device remotely and erase important data. If you’ve dropped the phone outside at night or somewhere in your home, the app will also emit a sound that makes finding the gadget easy.

Car Minder Plus

It’s a parent’s job to ensure the safety and wellness of the family. This can be typically done by scheduling physician appointments and monitoring the home environment. If you typically cart the children to and from school, social activities and family vacations, you want to make sure your car is running properly. Car Minder Plus is a handy app that will manage your vehicle maintenance. Here you’ll be able to put down repairs, track fuel, oil changes and tire rotations.


Smartphone calendars are ideal for tracking important events. But if you’re looking for an upgrade, and you don’t want to be bothered with too many annoying features, download Wunderlist into your phone system. This easy to-do list allows you to plan vacations and share information with other loved ones. It also can sync between your tablet, phone and computer. To ensure that you don’t forget important appointments, you can also set up reminders.


In a day when technology runs rampant, it can be hard to remember passwords for all of your credit, bank and social media accounts. Choosing the right app to help you remember security information can protect you from identify theft. LastPass is an app where you can input passwords using just one master code. Because sharing passwords and payment information through emails is extremely dangerous in an age of hacking, LastPass also has the capabilities to securely handle these tasks.

The Internet has an app designed for just about everything now-a-days. If you’re a novice to technology, you may not know which ones can prove useful to you. The above 6 apps are designed to support today’s active men.




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