How to wear your harem pants stylishly.

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Among the many alternatives to skinny jeans, harem pants are the most intriguing. Although many people consider them loungewear, many celebrities are wearing them outside the house. Because of their baggy silhouette at the upper thighs and hips, harem pants have many sartorial advantages, including:

–          They mix with almost everything in your closet.

–          They have a unisex design, which makes them ideal for couple wear.

–          Just by wearing them, you will look a lot trendier

–          They have a drawstring around the waist, which gives them a lot of room in the size department.

Who should wear them?

Harem pants flatter girls with wider hips, persons with muscular thighs, and shorter men because of their bagginess. Actually, the pants usually fit people with all body types and this makes them highly fashionable.

Wearing harem pants for different occasions


Men – if you want to wear harem pants to work, choose dark colors such as black. When shopping for a pair, opt for durable materials that are well tailored at the calves and thighs. You should match them with a fitted tee and a cropped jacket. If you prefer to wear socks, wear ones that cover the ankle.

Women – you can turn heads by wearing form-fitting harem pants in monochrome colors. You should consider pairing them with heels. From silky and shimmering finishes to suede and leopard prints, try all shoes in your collection to see how the tapered cuffs will highlight them. Finish off the look with a cropped blazer or a knot top. You can also glam it up with some jewelry.

Dance class

Men – Free running, hip-hop dancing, and skateboarding are activities that can be done with harem pants. Make sure that you opt for a pair of pants with banded cuffs. You can wear them with canvas slip-ons, short boots, or lace-up sneakers. When choosing harem pants for sporting activities, you should buy lightweight fabric that is breathable and stretchable.

Women – you can attend your jazz dance classes or go to the gym while wearing harem pants. When you pair it with a skinny tank top, you will appear fashionable and ready to work out. In the cooler months, you should consider adding a hooded jacket to complete the sporty look. If you want to feel warmer, you should consider wearing leggings beneath your harem pants.


Men – harem pants are wonderful for hanging out at the beach as well as for other outdoor activities. You should consider contrasting them with a slogan tee for a hip look.  On your feet, wear sandals to get the outdoors feeling.

Women – you should consider a bohemian look during the summer. Being creative with prints such as paisley and tropical will make you look sophisticated. Match the pants with a sheer top or a distressed shirt if you are looking for a hipster vibe. Complete this beach look with a bandana and flip-flops.

Rules for wearing harem pants

Is it your first time wearing harem pants? Here are some useful tips:

–          If you are shorter than 5’5”, you should opt for a style that is not too baggy at the bottom or loose at the crotch. Choose pants that will make you look leaner.

–          You can address the bagginess of your pants by wearing heels. The higher your heels are, the sexier you will look; therefore, you should opt for high platforms or strappy stilettos.

–          Because harem pants are baggy enough, you should opt for fitting tops that show off your top half. For example, you can pair your Just for Kix harem pant with body-hugging tank tops.


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