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Kids, get ready to kickstart your summer travel with these fun toys! #SummerGuide

Summer is almost here, and soon the kids will be out of school. As families prepare for summer travels, parents will be looking for ways to keep their children entertained. Here are a few recommended toys that every home should have on hand.

Here we have the Hape Owl Bed Oscar Baby Playmat

Parents get ready to pack away this cute soft Take Along Soft-Pad Baby Owl Gym. Your little one will enjoy portable playtime with the Take Along Soft-Pad Baby Owl Gym by Hape. Watch as your baby engages with the included Tweeting Bird Teether, Owl Rattle, and Flower Ring. The convenient folding arch and Velcro straps make setup and takedown a breeze, ensuring your baby’s happiness whether at home or traveling. The padded mat, shaped like an owl, is conveniently foldable for on-the-go use. It also features a removable liner for effortless cleaning.

Recommended for ages 0M+ | available at Target

Introducing a vibrant and entertaining collection known as the Squaregles Mega Set!


This colorful magnetic set is guaranteed to captivate your kids’ attention. With it, they can explore numerous magnetic possibilities while constructing their dream buildings. With 103 pieces including magnetic frames and 3D panels, kids can create various structures and stories every time they play. All Squaregles sets are compatible with each other. Inspire new ideas and creativity with each set!

You can Pop panel pieces in and out of magnetic frames to build, play, re-design, repeat! Kids will be engaged for hours again and again, giving parents uninterrupted time to tackle your to-do list

Bax & Wren, plus their accessories – Meet Bax & Wren, the curious and adventures Oggs included in the Mega Set. They love to roll around in their cars and with their heads! Included are their favorite totems, that unlock special powers!

Included are:

10 Paperboard panels for artists and storytellers to draw their own features

2 Mega Jumps and 2 Tubes for action-packed adventures and imaginative stories

Recommended for ages 3+ |Available

Warning: This set contains small parts and small balls, which are choking hazards. Squaregles is not for children under the age of 3.

Next, we have Bumpas Mushies Stretch & Pop Shin Shin


These adorable Mushies feature XL arms and legs with retractable POP Tubes enclosed. These tubes can expand up to 18″ long, providing you and your friends with hugs as big or small as needed. POP Tubes are flexible, snap-toy gadgets that produce a popping sound when stretched and compressed. They can aid in mood regulation and attention, catering to tactile seeking and transitions. Each hand and foot come with Velcro, enabling you to connect and wear your Mushie, taking them wherever you go. Each Mushies weigh 3lbs and are available in a few colors, to clean them, just damp clean and let them air dry. Recommended for Ages 3+ | Available May on Amazon &

Let’s not overlook our furry companions as they join us on summer travels. Here’s the perfect toy for your canine friend. Chuckit! Kick Fetch Max Glow Ball, Large (8 Inch) Glow in the Dark Dog Toy


Introducing the 7.5-inch Glow in the Dark ball, designed to satisfy your dog’s natural chasing instincts. Pet parents can kick, throw, or punt this fetch toy, providing hours of interactive fun for your furry friend. You can easily recharge the glow by exposing it to bright light.

This toy also floats in water, thanks to its canvas, rubber, and foam construction, making it suitable for playtime on both land and water while being gentle on your pet’s teeth and gums.

Featuring deep ridges, the Chuckit durable dog toy allows dogs to easily grab it for quick retrieval. And pet parents can kick it worry-free, without having to deal with pet slobber.

Available and Amazon

Here’s our final summer travel recommendation: the fun-filled Vango #UpsideDownChallenge Backyard Edition game!

Introducing the Backyard Edition of The #UpsideDownChallenge Game, designed to take your fun outdoors with a brand new set of challenges! Equipped with various props, you and your friends will embark on tasks like catching a ball, jumping through rings, relay racing, and more. Prepare to be surprised by how challenging even the simplest tasks become in this topsy-turvy adventure!

HOW TO PLAY: Strap on the specialized goggles and engage in friendly competition with your loved ones as you attempt challenges with your vision flipped upside down.

CHALLENGES: With the world turned upside down, every task becomes an exciting challenge! Experience the hilarity as you struggle to complete even the most basic activities. Compete with friends and family while wearing goggles that flip your perspective and prepare to laugh out loud as you tackle tasks like jumping through rings, catching a ball, and relay racing! Recommended for Ages 8+ | Available on Amazon 

“Here’s a fantastic array of travel toys guaranteed to keep both the kids and your furry friend entertained this summer.

Be sure to explore each brand’s collection of products, Hape, Squaregles, Bumpas, Petmate, and Vango on Amazon


Wishing you a safe and delightful summer ahead!”



Disclosure: We were not compensated for this post. However, we did receive products from the companies listed above, and I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC guidelines.


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  • These are such great toys for the little ones! I think I’ll get the Bumpas Mushies for my niece; she would love it!

  • I want to get the Kick Fetch Glow Ball for my furbaby. She’s so energetic and she’ll surely have fun playing with this. Thank you for sharing!

  • It is important to kids to have a toys for this summer because its kind a thing that is what they deserve from doing a lot of things and for them to fully enjoy their summer vacation.

  • My kids are going to be thrilled with the Squaregles Mega Set, and I can’t wait to see them get creative.

  • Ohh wow…love all these toys ideas sharing here, thanks for sharing. Gonna be nice gift ideas for all kids. Cheers SiennyLovesDrawing

  • Thanks for the great selection of toys for kids. I’ll share this with some friends who have children.

  • What a fantastic list of fun toys to kickstart summer travel for kids! These recommendations are perfect for keeping little ones entertained on the go. Thanks for sharing such great ideas – can’t wait to try them out on our next trip!

  • When my kids were little, their favorite summer toy was their slip and slide. They loves anything that helped them forget the Texas heat!

  • The Take Along Soft-Pad Baby Owl Gym looks like a great activity for infants! I’ll have to tell my niece about it!


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