Super Smart Kitchen Storage Ideas for the futuristic Kitchen

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If you’re wanting extra kitchen storage space or want to store rotimatic, it’s time to cheat out the closets, drawers, and bar with a few space-saving resolutions. You simply have to rethink those little holes and niches, and you’ll have shelf space for days.

Designer-approved inspiration always benefits, too. So, whether you’re expecting some space on the kitchen counter or you just want a smart idea you can DIY, you’ll want to read these creative, clever kitchen storage ideas.

Latest Gadgets Like Sensor kitchen can, smart cooking systems, rotimatic roti maker and several others will add the futuristic look to your kitchen and you must have these kitchen gadgets in your home.


Cleave and Stylish Storage Ideas in the Kitchen

Set the space on your fridge to good use

When renovating your kitchen or placing your rotimatic, take the time to design a custom storage solution for the area over the fridge. This design has scope for open storage, as well as dividers to store cutting boards in order.

Use your window panes as storage

You might not consider windows as a storage area, but many bloggers have proved it. The architect who resides in modern houses has made the bold choice to hang the set of pots and containers in front of her kitchen windowpane. It has a uniform set and colorful handles which turn it into a fun focal spot that is stylish storage, too.

Dish drying rack to the wall

If you’re feeling artful, which you probably are since you’re reading this article on kitchen storage hacks, create a vertically combined drying rack using two wire baskets, hooks, and a cutlery caddy.

You’ll save up your counter space and benefit from owning extra kitchen storage area which should be dry because you’re also going to put a sheet or rag beneath the drying rack to grab any drops. You can also put your rotimatic at the right place in the kitchen. We have seen many kitchens and found out that a properly organized kitchen looks very attractive that you don’t want to leave it.

While checking rotimatic reviews online we found that when you have modern kitchen gadgets in your home it makes your task very easier.

Arrange Your Fridge with a Six-Pack

Do all of your tiny bottles in the fridge door like to bend over after opening or shutting the door? Fortunately, the solution to tidying those stubborn bottles is only a recycling bin away. To hold all of your spices under check, use an empty six-pack container to hold and fix the sauces in your refrigerator door.

Tension Rod Storage Hack

It can be hard to put spray bottles and other sanitation supplies from tripping over and creating a mess under your kitchen sink. Thankfully, there are plenty of kitchen organization tips and methods.

To hold your cleaning supplies standing, hang them from a small tension rod inside your closet. Another smart idea is to slip a paper towel roll over the tension rod for easy passage. This tension rod adjustment hack is also a fabulous place to hang dish-drying sheets and rubber washing gloves.

Spice Up Your Life

Certainly, you’ve heard of this innovative thing named a spice rack or rotimatic on facebook. Include it in your DIY project. When it appears to kitchen storage, all those little boxes of cumin, oregano, and cinnamon can instantly confound and confuse you. Piling them in a closet without any relevant order will only start chaos. If you’re very organized, you can shift your spices to similar jars and add marked labels. It depends on how frequently you find yourself stretching for these flavorings.

Pullout Chopping Board

Pullout boards are excellent for small kitchens as they provide a decent amount of additional kitchen counter area with a very small footprint. And a pull-out cutting board is ideal for cooking prep, cookbooks or extra room. Plus, when you are finished, you can easily push it back into the closet.

Extend the Kitchen Bar with a Kitchen Cart

A rolling kitchen cart is the next most useful thing for combining cabinets and countertop areas. The top gives extra workspace when you’re planning that big Thanksgiving feast. And the racks below carry items that would otherwise destroy the countertop area. If you intend to use a cart for meal preparation, take one with a solid top like butcher table, stainless steel or plastic laminate.

Some cart covers are made of glossy finished wood—nice, but not very strong. Carts come in a variety of wood surfaces, so there’s a great chance you can match your existing closets. Or you can work for a general look with polished metal or coated cart. Also, you can buy a rotimatic after considering rotimatic reviews which will lessen up the utensils.

Hang items over your stove

Another often-overlooked point that attaches extra room to a snug kitchen? The area above your stove. If your kitchen doesn’t have a shade, you can fix that wall space to use. Here, you can use the space to find room for your cookery utensils and larger cookware or rotimatic.

Attach a magnetic knife holder

When the countertop area is at a bonus, every square inch counts. Press out a bit more space by taking your cutlery to the walls with a magnetic knife band. Modern kitchen, nowadays, has the knife rack rolling vertically, showing that you don’t want a ton of free wall area if you’re willing to get inventive.

Utilize the bottoms of your closets

Just when you believe your cabinets are packed and they can’t probably hold another thing, think of the bottoms of them! You can attach hooks to the bottoms to carry mugs and small appliances. Or use magnetic tapes to make a floating spice holder.

Store items between the refrigerator and the wall

If you have an area between your refrigerator and the wall, you can slip in folding step furniture. Or try to add furniture in that area where you can put your kitchen items or rotimatic.

Stash cooking and dining utensils in Mason jars

Using mason jars is so handy that you can keep it anywhere in your house. Including in your kitchen, where the mason jars would seem particularly nice loaded with spoons, forks, cooking tools, and a few flowers to lighten things up.

The steps are rather simple: Find a piece of wood you like, proffer it a good stain, dig a few hose locks into the wood, add the Mason jars alongside rotimatic, and fix it up.

Depending on what you want to put, you can even use various sizes of jars, which makes this design excellent for saving up precious drawer area.



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