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Helping an Elderly Person Declutter With Clearabee Skip Hire Service

It is not an easy job convincing a senior to part with his hard-earned treasure. You may have noticed your parents or grandparents are finding it more difficult to manage all their stuff in their home.

Perhaps most rooms in the house are being used for storage leaving little to no space for comfortable living. The most sensible thing to do is to get rid of some stuff and create a safe space for your loved one.

That’s where Clearabee skip hire comes along to help with the process. Clearabee is a top-rated rubbish removal company in the UK that offers the best skip hire services in the market. Whether it’s moving an old cupboard, closet or dining table, Clearabee will make sure all your needs are catered for.

As earlier mentioned, it won’t be easy for your elderly loved one to let go of his things. So, here are some few strategies you can use when addressing the issue.

Always communicate

The first thing that you need to do is to talk to your elderly loved one about the issue. You might be looking after your ageing loved ones but they are still your seniors. Try having a conversation first before implementing anything.

Give some suggestions and ask what they think. The idea is to guide them and not to direct them on what they should do with their property.

Acknowledge what’s important to them

Downsizing and decluttering is an emotional roller coaster for seniors. A piece of junk to you may mean the entire world to them. So, give them time to go through all their stuff before getting rid of anything.

Remember that most seniors hold onto items that are of sentimental value to them. So, treat their property with the much respect it deserves.

Create a plan

Now that your elderly loved one has agreed to clean out their home, it is high time that you come up with a clear plan on what to do. Decluttering takes patience and you will need to prepare yourself mentally for the entire process.

First, create a schedule for each session. For instance, have two to three sessions per week with each session going for four hours at a time.

The next thing you need to do is to separate your decluttering into categories rather than rooms. You can create a pile of shoes, coats or skirts, then further group the items into three categories: unwanted, least sentimental and most sentimental. Doing this makes it easier to decide on what to throw away and what to hold on to a little bit longer.

Donate or re-sell

There are plenty of options when it comes to decluttering. Some seniors often opt to donate some property like furniture to charity. It may be a little bit difficult to re-sell some of the older stuff because most households look for brand new furniture. So, find a charity organization and instead of throwing that table away, use it to bring happiness and joy to somebody else.

Take something

You might not want anything from the stockpile but go ahead and look for something that might be of interest. Agreeing to take an item by itself is a compassionate gesture even if you have no room for it. Feel free to accept that kitchen bowl, painting or even mat. Your elderly loved one will truly appreciate that.

Book a skip hire service

Once you have sorted everything into their Beebags, feel free to book a Clearabee skip hire for removal. This service is the perfect solution for decluttering as some of the items in the house are heavy. Place your order online via the website and enjoy fast and efficient rubbish removal.

Make sure that you go through the policies and prices before placing any skip order. Just give Clearabee a call and you won’t be disappointed!





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