10 Unknown Shopping Tricks to Save a Lot at Michaels

If you love to DO It Yourself projects and have a great line up of ideas on all those projects we bet your go-to place is going to be Michaels for all the stuff you need. If you haven’t heard of or experienced the Michaels shopping experience you are on the right page. Let’s start by introducing you to Michaels and the amazing deals, discounts and coupons you can use to save while shopping at their store.

Michaels should be your go-to place for all things craft, décor, kids gifts, floral, frames, knitting and crochet, papercraft, teacher supplies, wedding, baking supplies, beads and jewelry and organisation and storage.  Now it doesn’t just stop at the vast collection of products you can shop and actually save between 50 – 70% or more while shopping with them at any given point.

Here are a few tricks and tips you can use to save while shopping at Michaels,

Coupons are the best way to save big while shopping these days. Same goes with Michaels. Here are different ways to collect coupons from Michaels and how to use them.

Grab Michaels coupons from advertisements inserted into participating newspapers, direct mailers, weekly ad at, in the Michaels mobile app, and via Michaels email program. Just register yourself on to receive discounts. Another way of getting you hands on coupons is by downloading the Michaels App. By downloading the app your sure to have at least one coupon on you at all times. Just check the app before making purchases you can get upto 60% off on item coupons.

Collect competitor coupons even if the store is not in your city. Get those craft store coupons from A.C. Moore, Ben Franklin, Jo-Ann, Hobby Lobby and use them at Michaels. These include competitor coupons which are digitally generated or printed from the internet.

The best part about shopping at Michaels is that your savings don’t stop there! Check your receipt after you make a purchase. There would be a survey you can take that will get you a percentage off coupon for your next shopping. If your lucky there won’t be a survey but just a coupon as a separate receipt slip.

Just remember that Coupons are not available at Michaels Stores & Coupon use is limited to use of one coupon per product per day. 

No coupons no worries, you can still shop at Michaels and save big with these hacks.

Don’t have coupons no worries, take advantage of their Price Match Policy. Always carry the current  competitors Ads, this will get you a price match if the item your buying is identical in brand and size along with a additional 10% off. Show the Ad to the cashier ringing you up at checkout.

Use their social media pages to get more discounts. You can also get your hands on exclusive coupons for 40 – 50 % by following them on Facebook.  Keep an eye on their Twitter account as they occasionally post-sales and coupons out there too.

Don’t forget to join The Michaels Rewards for birthday discounts, exclusive offers, members-only events, receipt – free returns and early alerts for sales. If you don’t mind getting Text alerts every month from Michaels then sign up from their text alerts, where you get alerts on daily deals which get you up to 70% off.

If you’re the type who forgets their phone and the coupons at home before going to shop or ended up at Michaels to shop on a random visit, there is good news for you in terms of still being able to save.

While at the store look out for Grab Bags. These bags are filled with clearance crafting supplies, seasonal merchandise or home décor. These sealed bags are mostly priced at $2 – $4. If you are a risk taker these are just for you!

Look for the 50% off products categories and BOGO deals. The products you can score in this category are frames, seasonal and home décor, craft items, ribbons, jewelry making kits. Also, check the $1 – $3 bins at the front of the store. You can find wrapping paper, notepads, pens, magnets, seasonal décor and $1 character coloring books for kids.

Shop seasonal décor with savings going up to 60 – 70% off two weeks before the holiday. Incase you missed it, shop for the next year and get upto 80% off after the holidays.

If you are a Teacher, Military personal or a Senior you can avail 10 % – 15% discount.

  • Teacher discount: Additional 15% off entire purchase including sale items. Valid ID Proof needed.
  • Military discount: Additional 15% off entire purchase including sales items. Valid ID proof needed. Eligible for Active duty, Reservist/ National Guard, Veteran and Registered Dependant.
  • Senior discount: Additional 10% off entire purchase including sales items. Valid ID proof. Eligible for anyone 55 years or older.

Remember to ask for these discounts from the cashier by showing your ID Proof.

Employees at Michaels get a 30% discount on everything, expect clearance items and books. ( You know where are new friends and working. )

Decode the Tags. Green Tags means the item is new and won’t be on discount soon. Whereas an orange tag means clearance stickers or near their final markdown. These are the must buys.

Never again do you have to pay full price for custom framing with Michaels. You can get upto 60% to 80% off on custom framing.

Planning to shop online at the you can still save by using these hacks.

  • Shop online when you can pick up in store for free. As online shipping costs extra you can save by cutting down the shipping cost.
  • Use Michaels coupon code to save.
  • Use a Michaels coupon and wait for a shipping promo.
  • They offer price match for online shopping if you find the identical item for less at any competitor websites within 7 days of your purchase. ( contact customer service through call or email, as it cannot be adjusted at stores.)
  • Return online purchases for free in – store. If you wish to return it via mail you would have to pay a return shipping fee.

Let’s check out the best days to shop at Michaels. Sunday’s are the best day to hit the store, as that’s the day markdowns happen. Always check the App for daily deals and the one – day sales which happen anytime throughout the week.

The best months to shop are January and February. Get frames for 65%  off, BOGO offers or 50% off on home décor and 50% off on personal planners in January. Get 40% off on Spring Floral and 50% off on home storage and craft items.

A bonus tip while going shopping with kids at Michaels,

Lookout for the Free Craft Classes and Events for kids. These classes aren’t always free but are inexpensive and include the supplies. While you kid is occupied with learning new things you can shop peacefully.

Shopping at Michaels is fun and cost saving with all these tips and tricks. With Michaels you would never have to pay full price on any item.



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