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5 Ways not to Sacrifice Comfort over Style

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Whether it’s a belt that is too tight or a skirt that lets too much draft from below, we sacrifice a lot for stylish clothing. That’s why we like to put comfort over style when it comes to the clothes we wear at home. However, a balance between comfort and styles does exist if you carefully pair up clothes you never thought went together. Here are 5 outfits that are at the same time stylish and comfortable to wear.


Pairing up faux leather leggings

Faux leather leggings might not be a piece of clothing you would associate with comfortability but it all depends on what you wear them with. Namely, if you add a simple white T-shirt and a light denim jacket, you get the perfect chill-out outfit.

If you are worried that they won’t be comfortable enough, then go for a model that is made from elastic or spandex. Just be sure you pick leggings that are opaque so you can’t see through them!  A pair of leggings made from these materials will expand much easier, giving the impression as if you’re wearing bell-bottoms from the 70s.

An oversized sweater with sportswear

There is no clothing option more lazy and comfortable in winter that putting an oversized sweater on. It will keep you warm and snug, all the while giving the impression you are well-dressed. However, if you want to add style to this wintery piece of garment, then add some sportswear.

An oversized sweater would look awesome with leggings tucked into a pair of dark-colored biker boots. A cozy beanie and a water bottle will complete the outfit, as it is important to stay hydrated all day long so it’s cool that you have accessories that help you with this.

Jewelry for every occasion

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends but there is nothing laid-back about them. In order to assuage the stylish part a bit, you should wear some other accessories, like jewelry. In this sense, gemstones are perfect accessories for every occasion since they are authentic, yet casual enough that you needn’t take them off at home.

Furthermore, there are so many pieces of jewelry to choose from that you’ll have no trouble pairing them up with different outfits, including the 5 we list here. Rings, necklaces, earrings, ring bands, and wristwatches, go here the choice is yours.

Activewear with a twist

Running errands really isn’t that much different from running in the park. You can benefit from activewear at home because you sweat a lot finishing various chores. However, just because you are dressed for running, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be stylish at the same time.

Chic activewear is popular nowadays, as workout leggings give the impression like you’ve just exited the gym. In addition, they are comfortable and provide a lot of coverage during the chillier days of the year. Add a sports bra and a hoodie to the combo, and you get the perfect stylish outfit for running errands. The best thing about this combination is that you are just a pair of fingerless gloves away from actually being ready to hit the gym.

Slouchy pants and a tank top

Finally, you can don the all-time stylish favorite: the slouchy pants. They are soft to touch, breathable, and you’ll feel as if you’ve got jammies on. Since you are comfortable enough, you can boost the stylish segment with a white tank top, some chunky sneakers, a cropped jacket, and a pair of dark sunglasses.

As you have seen from the 5 outfits suggested above, clothes can be both stylish and comfortable. There is nothing stopping you from a trip to the local grocer wearing a piece of jewelry, nor is it unstylish to leave the house with a pair of comfy slouchy pants on. In the end, it all depends on your preference but there is no need to sacrifice comfort over style.



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