Stay Prepared This Cold Season With Honeywell.


Winter is finally here in MI, the next few days we are due to have over 9 inches of snow and I’ve been preparing for it. I’ve gotten my groceries, a few cleaning items, and I’ve stocked up on cold items. So when that bone chilling weather hits my home I’ll be prepared!


You too can be prepared with a few Honeywell Portable Appliances, today I will share with you a few Honeywell products you just might want to have on hand for the entire family!

Now here’s a great way to keep warm with this Honeywell UberHeat™ Ceramic Heater , this small, compact, unique designed heater will provide you with fast, even heat in any room.

You can add this heater to your office, living room, or in your bedroom, its even safe for your baby’s room.


This sleek, black, compact Honeywell UberHeat™ Ceramic Heater  will keep you and your loved ones warm, don’t let the little size fool ya. It packs a lot of power, actually its packs 1500 watts and have available to you two settings which are for small room heating, moderate heat, and yes it has a adjustable thermostat too.

The heater is also equipped with multiple safety features such as tip over and overheat protection, high quality plastics, and cool touch housing, all of which are designed to offer peace-of-mind. You can learn more about the Honeywell UberHeat™ Ceramic  here.

Next we have another great Honeywell heater called: Honeywell HeatGenius™ Ceramic Heater.

heaterThe NEW Honeywell HeatGenius™ Ceramic Heater has been designed with 6 customized heat settings to give you control of your comfort. This heater offers peace-of-mind since it is equipped with multiple safety features such as tip over and overheat protection, high quality plastics, and a Cool Touch housing. Learn more here


Last we have the Honeywell Removable Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifier.

I’ve been looking for an effective humidifier that’s small  since I don’t have much space in my bedroom. This is the perfect humidifier that will help keep a cool mist in your home. You have to always keep in mind that the dry, cold weather can really be hard on your skin and having a humidifier is a must-have during months that your heat is on full-blast. There are so many benefits to having a Honeywell Removable Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifier.

    1. It helps to soften & keep your skin more vibrant.
    2. Reduce risk of infections.
    3. Improved sleep
    4. Protected wood furnishings and much more

You can learn more about all the above new Honeywell products via their website and don’t forget to connect with Honeywell via  Facebook | Twitter |Pinterest|


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