How to Build a Basic Wardrobe and Still Look Stylish.

Chasing after the latest fashion trends can be quite tiring, not to mention how expensive it can be to buy new clothing every time the trends change. Most people simply can’t do it. If you are on a budget, then you should focus your wardrobe on some simple basics that you can then embellish to make trendy. There are several pieces that every woman needs in her closet. These basic pieces make up the foundation of your wardrobe, then you use accessories to dress things up and show off your style sense.

The Pieces

The basic pieces you’ll need don’t even have to be very expensive. You can buy them wherever you can find a good deal. Just make sure they are of good quality. To begin with, you want some everyday items. Get a good pair of dark jeans, which are incredibly versatile. Top this with a classic white t-shirt.

Moving on to more dressy occasions, you’ll need a little black dress. This can be in any style and really any length, although a modest cut and length are generally recommended because it makes the dress more versatile. You also want a good pair of neutral colored dress pants, a white button-up shirt and a blazer that matches your pants. Also, throw in a pencil skirt in a neutral color.

To finish off your basic wardrobe, you need some simple shoes. Choose a pair of booties, black heels, sandals and tennis shoes. Finally, complete your shopping with a nice trench coat.

If you buy high-quality items, you should find that they last for a long time. You likely won’t have to replace items very often. In addition, over time, you can add more basic styles in different colors to add some variety to your wardrobe. However, always keep in mind that whatever you buy should be classic in style and should match with the other pieces in your wardrobe. Ideally, you should be able to mix pieces to create a variety of outfits from only a handful of pieces.

Make It Trendy With Accessories

Now that you have compiled your wardrobe full of basics in neutral colors, you have to liven things up. It’s time to show off your personality and to follow trends in an affordable manner. You won’t be needing pants or shirts, so you can focus all your efforts and money on the things that will help make you stand out. It is time to buy some accessories.

You can easily chase trends and show off your taste for the good stuff with a nice handbag or go for a pair of shoes you have really been wanting. Choose some hats, hair things and scarves. Don’t forget about jewelry. You’ll want earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Also, think about hair and makeup as accessories. There are a lot of trends in hair and makeup that you can try out easily. Feel free to spend some money on great makeup and to try out new hairstyles to really show off who you are.

A Note on Fit

While it is great to put together a basic wardrobe and find some wonderful accessories to compliment your clothes, there is one thing you must always keep in mind. Clothes will only make you look great if they fit properly. When choosing all of your basic items, you have to make sure they fit well. If something doesn’t fit, then take it to be tailored. Nothing will make an outfit look worse than a bad fit. In addition, regardless of how much you spend on an item, if it doesn’t fit well, it will look cheap. The last thing you want is a closet full of bad fitting clothes that look like you spent $50 on the whole lot.

Being trendy and stylish isn’t easy. Most people have a lot more going on in their lives than just trying to follow the trends. However, everyone wants to look great. The easiest way to do this is to build a basic wardrobe. You start with some simple items and add in accessories to help show off your personality. As long as you buy some good quality base pieces and make sure they have a good fit, you are off to a good start. You’ll probably find that you feel more comfortable and look better when you keep things simple and basic.


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