Rogue Company Beginner’s guide: 9 tips to get good

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If you are planning to play Rogue Company soon, keep in mind that the in-game tutorial only gives a rough idea of how to play it. This game might be very frustrating if you are looking to get started. Rogue Company has a high learning curve, meaning only time and practice will help you get better.

This 4v4 third-person shooting game lets players choose one of the Rogue Company’s agents. There are different game modes to choose from, with each Rogue agent having different skill sets.

This guide will help you win some rounds in Rogue Company. Having said that, these tips are for beginners and won’t help you become a rogue company aimbot in any way.


1.  Map awareness is key

If you are into any online multiplayer game, you should already know by now that map awareness is one of the biggest factors that help you win the round. If you are just getting started with Rogue Company, make sure to study the maps. The maps in the game are quite small, so it will be pretty easy to remember certain angles and shortcuts.

In Rogue Company, the squad you are playing against switches spawn points with your team midway. Even if you’re not familiar with the enemy’s side, you might remember the first one. Keep in mind that enemies might take the same path you did a few rounds ago. Try to anticipate their movements to counter their ganks.

2.  Bait your enemies by downing them

Like Players Unknown Battleground, if you shoot a Rogue agent, they are not killed instantly. Instead, they enter a downed state. Most of the time, your enemy might want to revive their teammates right away. If that’s the case, let the enemy come out in the open to help their teammates and try to secure an easy double kill.

You might be surprised to know how many people actually run across the map to save their friends. In case you feel like they aren’t getting baited, turn to the downed enemy and secure the kill.

3.  Flank more often

If you are playing a Rogue agent specializing in stealth attacks, try to discover and remember the shortcuts and hidden alleys in a map. Some agents with stealth perks like Cloaked and Padded Steps can easily come upon their enemies and shoot them in the back.

4.  Stick to one character

You might find it overwhelming choosing from the vast collection of available Rogue agents. However, if you are just getting started in the game, it is wise not to try every character in the game and stick to just one.

The best free rogues you can get started with are Ronin and Dima. Both of them have guns and abilities you can easily remember the next time you play them. Once you are comfortable with a few characters, try a new Rogue agent to play with.

5.  Stick to your teammates

Unlike Call of Duty Warzone, staying alone is not a good idea in Rogue Company. One should always stick to their squad since the game has many players sticking to their team throughout the round. If your entire team sticks to one another, you drastically increase your chances of winning rounds.

6.  Abilities are game changing

If you just want to have some fun and blow a few holes in enemy players, this is one of the crucial tips you need to know. Don’t forget to use your abilities. New players who are known to use their abilities perform better. In the first few games, force yourself to use your agents’ abilities.

7.  Strategy is key

Despite the map being small and the games fast-paced, one should never forget that the game is, at its core, highly strategic. Next time you play the game, make sure to develop a plan for every map if possible.

8.  Communication makes rounds easier

Like in other online multiplayer shooting games, communication is the most useful thing one can have. If you have a gaming headset, you can easily tell the location of the enemy to your teammate so he can set up a gank. During team fights, you can also communicate with your team to let them know where you are and your plans for the round.

9.  Use covers to your advantage

The cover system in Rogue Company is excellent and helpful. If you are running through a hallway, you can move from cover to cover, so you don’t get downed by your enemies. Hiding in cover also lets you scout your surroundings and plan your route accordingly.


These tips will surely help you get started with one of the most fun and strategic games, Rogue Company. If we missed out on anything, make sure to share your thoughts in the comments down below!







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