5 Actionable Marketing Tactics For Home Care Agencies

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If you’re running a home healthcare franchise, you need actionable marketing strategies that’d appeal to your target audience. Actionable marketing tactics are objective, fast, targeted, and results-driven, eliminating guesswork, intangible solutions, and subjective decision-making. Achieve your business goals by enforcing actionable short-term and long-term marketing solutions, depending on the industry’s changing needs, regulatory requirements, and trends for home care services.

In this article, you’ll learn some actionable marketing tactics you can implement for your home care agency.

  • Ask Referrals  

There are many marketing strategies for home health care agencies, and one of them is asking referrals from clients. Client referrals are powerful social proof, and your past and present clients are the best source of new referrals.

On the other hand, referrals from family or friends are also great as they already have ingredients of trust, assurance, and peace of mind, reducing the additional work of researching about the agency’s reputation and services. However, most clients would take referrals from friends or family with a grain of salt as those closest to you may be biased in your favor. Nonetheless, referrals are an effective, actionable marketing strategy for home care agencies.

Here’s how you can solicit referrals from clients:

  • Follow Up: Call your previous clients to follow up and then gradually break the news that you’re trying to solicit referrals.  
  • Conduct A Survey: You can conduct a survey and include referrals as one of the questions to gain more clients for your agency.
  • Create A Group: You can create a group dedicated for families needing home care services in your social media page where you can also ask referrals from your previous and existing clients.
  • Content Marketing

If you have a website for your home care agency, make sure to have a blog section for your content marketing strategy. Create blog articles that can help your readers understand more about home care services, helping them come to an informed decision.

Helpful articles draw more online visitors to your website. Therefore, you’ll have more leads or prospects. It’s a great way to attract unpaid or organic traffic, which is beneficial in the long term. When people find your blog section useful, they’ll keep coming back and more likely avail your home care services. This will also increase your chances of getting more referrals.

 Check these content marketing tips for home care agencies:

  • Keep Content Helpful: Create helpful web content such as guides, fact pages or FAQs, Q&As, and tutorial videos.  
  • Keep Content Relevant: Know the latest trends, news, and updates on home care and give your insights to position your agency as a thought leader.  
  • Keep Your Content Engaging: Include clear photos, interesting and inspiring videos, or audio file content or capabilities to your content to entice your website visitors to finish reading your content until the last sentence.
  • Use Data Analytics To Improve Client Journey

Managed information technology (IT) services refer to third-party companies offering IT services. These companies help business owners manage and improve their IT system as businesses face complex networking technologies during this digital era. That’s why managed IT services are most sought to handle business system security and data analytics.

Data analytics is essential in improving your customer journey. It involves interpreting relevant data and making business decisions based on the data. For instance, if you know where your online visitors usually land on your website or the web pages or content they read, you’ll be able to create better content to increase your prospects. 

Look at the following advantages of data analytics:

  • Ensure data accuracy
  • Increase marketing productivity 
  • Create better sales and marketing strategies

Social Media Marketing  

Many people try to find services on social media, including home care services. Social media advertising involves creating and delivering marketing messages to intended social media users who will likely need home care services.

Here are some good reasons why home care agencies should advertise in social media:

  • Track Return Of Investment: With social media advertising, you can easily track your ROI. You can track how many social media users viewed your ads and how many of them were redirected to your website and booked your services. 
  • Establish Client Base: When you implement social media marketing, you can invite people to like and share your posts to their family and friends, helping you build your audience. You can also build your connections by working with social media influencers, referring your home care services to their followers. Creating valuable and high-quality content for social media platforms takes time and resources, which is why marketing automation tools like Adplorer are essential. Marketing automation allows you to automate all manual processes while also providing useful content to your audience.
  • Targeted: This marketing strategy is effective in targeting audience based on demographics. Social media advertising is actionable because you can send your marketing message to your target clients, fast and easy.
  • Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is an actionable form of marketing suitable for home care agencies in which promotional materials and advertisements are physically delivered to clients’ mailboxes. Some examples of mailers are printed brochures and postcards.

With direct mail marketing, you give your business diverse marketing options since this is a type of offline marketing tactic. People are used to digital ads, and receiving mailers makes them feel closer to your home care agency as there’s tangible proof that you personally reach out to your clients with direct mail.

This marketing strategy isn’t new, and technology makes direct mail marketing a lot faster and easier in the modern day. Here’s how technology can help you in your direct mail marketing for your home care:

  • Digital Marketing Integration: Integrate direct mail marketing to your digital marketing campaigns. It means that you can boost your digital marketing campaigns by giving your audience a heads-up or follow-up through direct mail marketing.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration: Obtain relevant data from your CRM software to know the best content for your mailers. The combination of digital data analytics and offline marketing makes a powerful tactic that can increase your number of leads.
  • Social Media Integration: Announce your direct mail campaigns in social media. 
  • Online And Offline Combo Promotions: Offer discounted services to people who receive mailers and use codes entered in your website when booking an appointment.


Embracing marketing tactics can help your home care business bring more prospects and clients. However, it comes without saying that you should use relevant data to understand your target audience better and improve your services.

Be consistent with your marketing strategies and implement them on the right time and using the right platforms. This way, you can accomplish your sales and marketing goals, geared toward more growth for your business.


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