Children Advil review.

It’s flu season around my home. Seems like one child get’s over the flu then here comes the other child with fever, stomach aches and much more. It’s been really crazy with all the sickness in my home. Some doctors say it’s best to wait the flu out for some strains of flu are having no effect with medicine. In my many years of Nursing I just think it’s best to let the flu run it’s course but when it comes to a child running a fever I’ll have to bring out the best Children’s Advil.
Children’s Advil provides fast relief and keeps your child fever down for 8hrs. In a recent studies it is showed that administering Children’s Advil is more effective then most acetaminophen. Just make sure to stay focus on giving child Children’s Advil instead of alternating form Ibuprofen and acetaminophen, it’s less confusing.
Always make sure you follow the recommended dosages prescribed by your child’s physician and most of all keep Children’s Advil and all medicine out of the reach of children.
Make sure to keep an eye on your children as well sometimes Children’s Advil may cause your child’s stomach to become a little upsetting. I know for my daughter this sometimes happens when I administer Children’s Advil you can assist with this by making sure your child take something to eat or drink milk when dosage is given. 
I like Children’s Advil and I always keep this product around not only for my kids but also for my grand-kids who comes over sometimes and feel a little under the weather it’s a great product to have on hand.
Once again, I stress this not only as a retired Nurse but also as a MOM….Please read all direction when administering any medication to your children and if an over dose occur call 911 at ONCE!
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