Get The Ones You Love These Gifts They Would Never Buy for Themselves

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It can be hard to buy gifts for some people because they are constantly buying everything they want whenever they want it. Some people shop as if it were a full-time job. You are going to have a hard time finding the perfect gift for them at a store that they don’t already have. If they don’t already have it, it could be that they know about it and just don’t want it.

Another challenging category is the tech enthusiast. They are even harder to shop for because they are very particular about their tech. You might think something is cool that they think is silly. You might not care or know much about specific brands. But they do. And they have some definite opinions about those brands. It would be a massive error to buy a Samsung person an Apple product.

There is also the matter of compatibility. Tech is divided into ecosystem fiefdoms that don’t work well together. Even if a tech person wanted the gift you offered, there is a good chance they would not be able to use it. Be sure to include a gift receipt.

That said, there are still a few things a person might enjoy but would likely never buy those things for themselves. There are many reasons for this. One of the most common reasons is that the item is deemed too expensive – a nice to have, but not a must have. Those can be some of the best gifts of all. Here are a few suggestions that will be perfect for someone on your list:

New Cookware

Everyone who cooks uses cookware. You can be sure that everyone who cooks is also shopping for cookware all the time. One is never done. They are always in the process of curating their collection. They always have room for a few pieces of professional-grade cookware.

If you are not familiar with that world, check out one of the Made In Cookware review sites that compare that brand to other favorites. Do a little research and be sure to learn about the options. When you give a gift like cookware, give some information along with the gift. Let them know why you chose that particular set or piece. Let them know about the unique properties.

While everyone needs cookware, be careful with regard to kitchen gadgets. Don’t buy a person something that needs a lot of counter space if they don’t have a lot of counter space. Also, try to find gadgets that don’t have an internet connection. Not everyone is okay with the Internet of Things.

Smartwatch for Seniors

Some seniors are surprisingly fanatical about tech. But they would be the exception rather than the rule. That means that seniors are good candidates for tech gifts as they do not have many tech conflicts or tech loyalties. Further, some tech is so important that no senior should be without it.

A smartwatch for seniors is such a gift. It is not just about having a nice way to tell the time. They probably already have that. What such tech offers are life-saving features such as fall detection that can call emergency services automatically and notify emergency contacts.

Just be aware that not all smartwatches are created equally. Some features you have heard a lot about might be excessive to certain brands and models. So be sure to do your homework. Just be aware that many smartwatches are designed with seniors in mind, and have more going on than fashion.

Eye of the Beholder

One of the best and most timeless gifts you can give a person is the gift of art. This is an especially good gift for someone who is not a connoisseur. Don’t buy something you know they will hate. But feel free to buy art as a gift that will challenge. Art should challenge and stretch the viewer as it always has throughout its long history.

Art is not limited to paintings, but includes pottery, sculpture, carving, music, theater, and literature. A gift of art is a gift of culture. It never hurts to expand someone’s culture.

Just because a person would not buy something for themselves does not mean they wouldn’t appreciate it, as is the case with fine cookware, lifesaving tech, and fine art.



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