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Going Beyond The Basics to Reduce Stress and Promote Well-Being

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Everyone deals with stress. It’s your body’s natural response to everyday activities and events. While a small amount of stress could be the jolt you need to be productive, too much can result in physical and emotional problems. That’s why it’s essential to find ways to reduce the stress in your life. Though there are several ways to accomplish this, finding the appropriate solution goes beyond the basics. 

If you’ve done any research on reducing stress, chances are you found hundreds of articles. The only problem is, the information tends to be the same. Basic stress relievers like getting enough sleep, exercising, eating the proper nutrition, and meditating are effective. However, those solutions may not be sufficient enough. Sometimes, finding a way to ease the tension in your hectic life means going beyond the basics. Continue reading to learn how. 

CBD Stress Pills

If emotional overwhelm is something you deal with regularly, perhaps you should take a stress pill. Made from CBD, this all-natural remedy works with the body’s systems to boost endorphins and lower cortisol levels giving you a more balanced mood. Stress tablets are also a great alternative to pain medications if you suffer from stress headaches, muscle aches, and other pains. The best part is there are no side effects, and you don’t need a prescription. 

Get Organized

From hectic schedules to cluttered homes, disorganization heightens stress. Adding some order to your life can, therefore, make a world of difference. There are several strategies to simplify your life and get things in order. Start by creating routines that will assist you in keeping up with daily schedules and responsibilities. A morning, afternoon, evening, and bedtime routine saves you time and ensures you stay on task. 

If your home or apartment is in disarray, it’s time to get organized. Get rid of things you no longer use by donating them, placing an ad online, or hosting a yard sale. Clean each room thoroughly from top to bottom. Then, invest in storage containers, shelves, and other organizational supplies to rearrange your home more efficiently.

Take a Break

Though humans have significant physical and mental strength with the capability to do an abundance of things, you’re not a machine. Trying to operate at full-steam 365 days a year is pure insanity. Not to mention, it’s one of the easiest ways to become a victim of chronic stress, burnout, and other adverse health problems. 

There are going to be times when all you need is a break. Instead of tucking these warning signs under the rug, identify them, and give yourself some much-needed time off. Take a few vacation days each year to get away from the workplace. Don’t hesitate to take a mental health day if you’ve been overwhelmed the past few days trying to meet a deadline for a client. If you need some adult time away from the kids, ask a friend or family member to watch them for a few days. Though it may not seem like it, the world won’t stop spinning if you take a breather. 

Ask For Help

The only thing worse than not taking a break is trying to do everything yourself. Whether you’re an overwhelmed single mother, a budget-strapped entrepreneur, or a caretaker for an aging relative, the more responsibilities you have, the harder it becomes to find balance. You’d be surprised how much relief you’d get if you trusted other people to support you. Solutions like asking your “village” to pitch in with the kids, outsourcing tasks to streamline workflows, and hiring a part-time home health aide, take a load off your shoulders. 

While living a stress-free life is impossible, that doesn’t mean you should be emotionally overwhelmed daily. If you’ve tried strategies like changing your diet, exercising, and getting 7-9 hours of sleep with little to no success, you may need to dig a bit deeper. The above solutions could be just what you need to iron out the tension you’re experiencing. 


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