A new Definition of Clarity: 5 Movies You Should Watch in 4K

The availability of 4K technology isn’t new. However, it’s only recently that it’s taken hold with the mass TV buying market, as the decade-old HD sets are finally starting to break down. Another reason 4K is growing in popularity is the push from the video games, TV, and movie industries. Consumers are finally coming to the realization that it’s time for an upgrade.

Once that new 4K television is in place, it’s time to enjoy movies and TV shows in high-def. For those who are looking for a few movies to try out their new 4K TV with, consider the options found here. You can thank me later for sharing this best Netflix prepper and survival shows.

  1. “Avengers: Infinity War”

One of the hottest releases in 2018, “Avengers: Infinity War” takes on a new life when it’s watched in 4K, and now it’s available through on-demand TV. Even though the original viewing option for this movie is impressive regarding clarity and picture, upgrading to 4K makes it a truly immersive experience. Not only do viewers get to see Rocket and Thor fly through space, they feel as if they’re there, too.

  1. “Blade Runner 2049”

This is the first film created by Roger Deakins in the 4K era. It’s just as incredible as everyone would hope it would be. Even for those who aren’t huge fans of Denis Villeneuve’s sequel, the HDR version of the movie is so incredible to watch, they may convert and become huge fans.

  1. “The Fate and the Furious”

Who doesn’t adore the warmth of the Dolby version of this film? This is especially the case regarding how the reds pop throughout the film. Particularly, Letty’s 66 Corvette that’s driven during the New York chase is nothing short of spectacular when viewed in 4K.

  1. “Mad Max Fury Road”

The demolition-derby sequel by George Miller gave millions of people a reason to get off the couch and go to the theater. Now, though, it’s available on-demand, and it’s best watched on the most high-def screen available (this means 4K).

From the initial mutated lizard to the last flame-throwing exhaust, everyone watching is going to be on the edge of their seat for the entire movie. For those who need even more proof of the intense visuals provided by “Mad Max,” consider the fact it won six Academy Awards with most of them being for categories such as production design and film editing.

  1. “Ghostbusters”

For some, the first thought may be why a movie from the ‘80s is being recommended to view on the latest and greatest technology in the TV industry. While “Ghostbusters” may not have the most amazing visuals compared to today’s standards, for 1984, the special effects were considered pretty cutting-edge.

While some of the animatronics and puppetry used in the movie may seem a bit outdated, who can pass up an opportunity to get an up-close look at Slimmer? The scene that has to be watched in 4K at the very least is the marshmallow man scene. After all, who can think of a better simultaneously intimidating and ridiculous villain in all of cinema history?

The Magic of 4K

When it comes to innovative television, 4K takes the cake. The picture and clarity far surpass the former options when it comes to TV viewing. For those who haven’t yet invested in a 4K television, now is the time to do so, before this technology is outdated, too.



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  • I think I’d like to see Ghostbusters in 4K. I never would’ve thought about that, but I bet the Marshmallow Man is great in 4K.


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