How to make teenagers responsible drivers?

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A lot of parents dread the fact that they have to teach their children how to be responsible drivers when they get older. They don’t despise it because they consider it a hassle, but the main reason is that they are unaware of most of the things themselves and fear that they might not be able to guide them properly. Hence, most parents send their kids to driving schools, without any extra home training. Moreover, they also worry about their expensive vehicles and how it can get damaged if they let their teen drive it. Other than that, if you want your child to have the best first drive experience, these are the few things that you should be knowing about.

What should you expect?

Once you start teaching kids how to drive, you should tell them about everything. Even if it is something as complicated as visiting the car dealership, for when they have a problem with their car or if they plan on buying a new one after graduating.

  • Let your kids take the initiative. Let them drive when they think they can, because everyone has a different age of doing things. Don’t force them into it. They can either start as soon as they are aged enough or when they feel they can accept the responsibility.
  • Plan beforehand as to how you would be helping them go about it.
  • Always remember that you are the coach and it is your duty to help them with the basics of driving. Try not to taunt them a lot because they will eventually end up getting upset.

Everything Is Not About Parallel Parking

The only thing to worry about for parents is not reverse parking, instead they should worry about a lot of other things, such as hazard awareness. Parking is usually never a problem for the kids, instead the biggest problems they face are speed issues, like controlling it.

Avoid Panicking and Keep Calm

One of the key factors that parents need to take care of is keeping calm during the entire process and not panicking. A lot of students drive perfectly fine with their trainers but whenever they sit with their mom or dad, they start messing up. The reason behind that is they have a sense of fear because they assume they will be scolded by their parents for making a mistake. That’s the worst you can do with them, because that reduces their confidence and terrifies them to the core.

Parents assume that they do this because they do not know how to drive well, but that isn’t really the case.

Save Lives by Hazard Awareness

This is the most important when it comes to teaching teens how to drive. Teach them that they should take their feet off the brake whenever they think there can be a potential hazard, instead of closing their eyes or screaming their lungs out. If the child is aware of the hazards, they will know how to react to certain situations that might occur during their drive.



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