Psychological Impact of Chronic Pain: How to Cope with Depression

Chronic pain can have a debilitating effect on every aspect of your life and is usually defined as any form of pain that continues for more than three months. With the constant feeling of pain that chronic pain sufferers must deal with daily, it is no surprise that there is a significant psychological impact associated with chronic pain that can cause depression,

A study found that around 77 percent of chronic pain sufferers reported feeling depressed, which could be caused from their symptoms, such as difficulty sleeping, and being unable to go to work or socialize with friends.

If you or someone you know are struggling with the psychological impact of having a chronic pain condition, then here are some suggestions on how to cope with depression.

Seek Support

If you are feeling depressed or are struggling with how you feel, then it is important that you reach out to your friends and family in order to get the additional support that you need. Trying to ignore how you feel and pretending that you are okay will only make the situation worse, and may even make your depression escalate.

But if you don’t feel comfortable talking to a loved one about how you feel then you should try reaching out to people who are in the same position as you. You could ask your doctor if there are any support groups for those with chronic pain conditions in your local area, and if there aren’t then you could think about starting one up yourself!

Natural Remedies  

Sufferers of depression and chronic pain illnesses have increasingly sought out natural remedies to help ease their symptoms in recent years. Those who suffer from anxiety and depression have tried chamomile tea in the hope of feeling more relaxed.

One of the most natural remedies that sufferers have used to combat their discomfort and low moods is CBD oil. Cannabidiol (also referred to as hemp or CBD) is acknowledged to have medical qualities that can soothe pain as well as alleviate some symptoms of depression. If this is something that you are considering then be sure to do your research – buying hemp wholesale is an option if you are concerned about the cost.

Be Kind to Yourself

Rule number one when trying to cope with any mental health issue, such as depression and anxiety, is to always be kind to yourself. You may start to feel very frustrated with yourself for not being able to do all the things you want to because of your pain condition. But remember that you are trying your best, so be proud of the achievements you make, no matter how small.


While exercise is likely to be the last thing on your mind while you are struggling with pain and depression, it could really help how you are feeling. Exercise can be a great way to ease the symptoms of both your chronic pain condition as well as your depression.

Don’t panic! We aren’t suggesting that you go and spend an hour on a treadmill at the gym, you can exercise in many ways that can be fun as well as great for your physical and mental health. If your chronic pain is particularly bad for your joints, then you may prefer to go for a swim, as this can be a great way to stretch your body while being supported by the water.

Suffering from a chronic illness can be a very isolating and life-changing condition, which is only made worse if you start to experience depression because of it. But by following these suggestions you may find yourself better able to cope with your depression.



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