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Where to Find Affordable Kid’s Clothes, Yet Keep Your Kids Stylish

Finding affordable kid’s clothes can be a task especially with how fast they grow. Here is where to find affordable kid’s clothes while still staying styled.

Kids are very fashion conscious. If you do not bring home the right brand of sneakers for their first day of third grade, watch out!

It can be hard to keep up with changing styles for the under 15 set. It can also get expensive. Besides the fact that kids grow like weeds, sometimes they want to have name brands and outfits that may be out of your price range.

Here are some tips on finding affordable kids’ clothes that they will not only wear but adore.

  1. Develop a “Hand-Me-Downs Habit”

For inexpensive clothes, look for items you already own. If you have more than one child, chances are you have at least one sweater they outgrew before it was even worn or a fancy dress which never fit properly.

Little sisters often emulate their bigger siblings, so check whether there are any items that the elder one has outgrown which can be passed along to the next in line. They may feel honored to wear a well-loved varsity sweater or another special item.

Ask around to relatives and friends as well. With the new Marie Kondo fad,  people are eagerly clearing out their attics and getting rid of clothes they no longer need. You may find a treasure trove of items for free!

Baby clothes are especially appropriate for giving and receiving as hand-me-downs. Face it, infants often grow out of clothes after one or two wears!  And, babies aren’t picky about brands or colors.

Let your friends shower you with the clothes their own kids wore. You can then re-gift them to someone else in your circle.

  1. Shop Online

We all know that the internet has changed the way the world shops. Now there are cute kid’s clothing pieces at all price points available at the click of a mouse.

You can find amazing bargains on designer children’s clothes if you know how to look. Send your baby off to a birthday party in the latest Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana for less than you might expect when you shop via special online retailers.

You can even bid on great deals through resale sites, such as eBay.

  1. Scope Out Vintage Stores

Maybe your little one likes dressing up in Grandma’s hats or loves books based in the past, such as A Secret Garden.

Make shopping a fun trip back in time by taking him or her to vintage shops in your area.

From old band T-shirts from the 60s to platform shoes, kids love to discover fashion from previous eras. A black leather motorcycle can be picked up at a bargain price, compared to how much a new one will cost at the mall. Plus, it will be already worn in and comfy.

Not only will you find great deals, but you will also unearth unique pieces of jewelry or accessories which will make your little bohemian standout from the crowd.  A velvet blazer from the 40s or bellbottoms from the 1970s makes a dramatic impression!

You are also setting a good example for your children when you teach them the importance of recycling clothes. Re-wearing clothing that’s been worn before is one way to use what already exists. You can save money and energy this way, and reduce packaging waste, too.

Not only that, but you’ll be teaching your kids an important lesson about budgeting by shopping for deals.

  1. Head to the Outlet Malls

Outlet malls offer designer duds and mainstream brands at a fraction of the price.  If you are going on a road trip, try to carve out some time for an outlet mall run to stock up on items that might otherwise cost an arm and a leg.

You can pick up underwear and socks at Gap outlets for much less than you would find them in the regular stores. You can find last season’s snow boots at half price, or winter coats at prices which will encourage you to stock up for the whole family.

Often, you’ll find there are some really nice designer brands at outlets, too.

  1. Shopping In the Off-Season 

Parenting is super expensive. You will realize that the costs of parenthood exceed anything you might have expected when preparing for little ones. This is especially true when you factor in lost income, endless supplies of diapers, and babysitter bills.

Parents become infinitely creative when it comes to saving money.  A little planning goes a long way in making sure you don’t spend more than you have. And, you’ll have enough leftover for bigger items like birthday parties and tuition.

Shopping during the off-season is a great life hack to learn when you have a baby.

When the snow is melting, it’s the perfect time to pick up pricey ski boots and pants. As summer gives way to fall, you can find bathing suits for a reduced price to put away until next year.

  1. Sizing Considerations

Of course with kids, you never know how much they will grow. Their weight and sizes may go up and down throughout childhood and puberty.

You may estimate they’ll grow two inches next year. And then, they surprise you when they shoot up rapidly.

Don’t buy the size they are now if they are still growing. It’s better to purchase the next size up. If it doesn’t fit when the time comes, then it’s a hand-me-down for someone one else or something for the concession shop!

However, lots of items will last through next year. Hats, mittens, and socks are not likely to change much in size from one year to year to the other, so stock up when it’s warm.

Kids’ Clothes: Let Them Look Like a Million Bucks Without Spending It

If you use a little ingenuity, you can find plenty of places to purchase kids’ clothes without spending a fortune. You can actually find brand names or cool vintage items which your kids will love to wear, and which won’t break the bank. Teach your kids how to economize while letting them flaunt their fashion sense.

For more tips on parenting, bargain hunting, and other life hacks, check out our blog.


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4 thoughts on “Where to Find Affordable Kid’s Clothes, Yet Keep Your Kids Stylish

  • These are all great tips. Kids grow so fast!

  • I have 2 daughters, and certainly hand down all clothes to my second daughter. She will be 4 years old next month, so she always thinks she is getting new clothes and is happy. Hopefully, she will always be this way. I also shop online for clothes.

  • When my children were younger we did Scope Out Vintage Stores and yard sales. Now that they are older we still have fun shopping in thrift and vintage stores.

  • Thanks for the great tips. I like going to outlet stores to by clothes for my kids.


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