Image credit Co-parenting after divorce may feel like mountain climbing because there is the process of grieving a broken marriage other than providing emotional stability to the kids. Separation is a process that sometimes is messy, with casualties (children) and it’s frustrating and crippling effects hardly go unnoticed. Children struggleRead More →

Image Credit Ouch – pregnancy pain can be the worst sometimes! Especially in your back, where the extra (healthy) weight around your abdomen increases your frontal load, discomfort can add yet another thing to worry about during pregnancy. Half of all women experience some form of back pain during pregnancy,Read More →

Image Credit Nobody can deny that there is a firm link between parents and education of their youngsters. Parents have a strong influence on their children’s successful development and educational progress. Their involvement is one of the most powerful predictors of the student success. When they are engaged in theirRead More →