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Lawyers and Their Areas of Practice.

There are many different settings for legal practices that include small, medium, and large law firms, as well as different types of government agencies at local, state, and federal levels. Within each one of these practice settings, you might find a variety of individual organizations that will focus on one or more areas of practice. Let’s take a closer look at some of these areas of practice that those studying to practice law might become interested in.


Personal Injury

This is an area of law that helps when people are injured due to negligence. This might be things like someone getting hurt on the job, a fall in a store, or even a car accident. Personal injury lawyers will gather evidence, evaluate your case, and try to settle with the insurance companies of the negligent party. If the case is unable to be settled, the lawyer will then represent you when the case goes to court.

Family Law

This is one of the areas of practice for lawyers that is getting a bit of help from technology. Family law includes things like divorce, child support, child custody, spousal support, division of debt and property, separation, and more. This is the type of lawyer people turn to when they are having problems in the home that are so serious that they need to take legal action.

E – Discovery Law

This is a newer area in the legal field. As more and more data is being stored electronically, businesses are faced with challenges when it comes to wading through the ever growing sea of electronically stored information, or ESI, so that they can find information that might be relevant to a lawsuit. Litigation support professionals and E – discovery lawyers assist in identifying, preserving, collecting, processing, reviewing, and producing this information for litigation. Costs for this are on the rise and corporations are finding themselves under pressure that is increasing to be compliant with the new rules regarding E – discovery, while judges are becoming less tolerant of abuses in this field.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property can be the most valuable asset a business has. New developments in technology and science have created a need for attorneys who are specialized in areas that can protect businesses and their intellectual capital, as well as musicians, inventors, authors, and other entities who might own creative works. Today, there is a competitive landscape in which the demand for this type of attorney is growing. As long as innovation and invention are in existence, there will be a need for intellectual property attorneys to protect them. In fact, even during recessions when other types of legal specialties are affected, this is one area that thrives. Attorneys can also file a property damage claim for the property owner as long as there are legal files presented.


In today’s economy, more and more people are struggling with their mortgage payments. State laws that are outdated, like excessive penalties, and fast track foreclosures, are only exacerbating the problems. This crisis with foreclosures has created a growth in this area of practice for lawyers and a demand for those legal professionals who can assist in protecting the rights of homeowners, business owners, investors, and lenders.

Labor and Employment

Businesses downsizing, a job market that is declining, and an economy that is ailing as well as an increase in government enforcement means that the field of employment law is on the rise. In strong economies, people are able to find new jobs quickly and will be not as likely to file claims that are employment related. With that being said, workers who are unemployed and facing ruin financially, will be more motivated to take legal action. Additionally, litigation tends to rise when the economy is not so great as regulators tend to step up their enforcement and businesses file more and more lawsuits in order to collect monies that are owed to them.

Green or Environmental Law

There is a growing awareness of a variety of environmental issues, such as using tech that is clean, renewing energy, and managing carbon assets while keeping the inventories of greenhouse gases level, and this means that there is more and more work for attorneys who specialize in environmental law. Going green has become a priority across the planet and attorneys who are able to advise their clients on sustainability issues and green initiatives are in great demand and will be for the foreseeable future.


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