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Time is precious and so, it is important that you spend it wisely. You can spend your time by doing what you love like gardening, reading, writing, knitting, photography and so on. Doing what you love can certainly make your life interesting and exciting.

Well, here is a list of fruitful things that you can do while you are free and have nothing interesting to do.


With just paper and a set of crayons, you can try doing many creative kinds of stuff such as origami, craft work, coloring, painting and what not! Engaging in doing something creative and innovative will help you expand your creativity and artistic skills.


Legos help you build both your analytical and creative competence as this involves arranging the various blocks of different colors neatly and systematically in a particular design. It also helps you gain patience and endurance.

Playing Cards

You can play a variety of games using the playing cards. With a simple deck of classic cards, you can enjoy playing different card games from speed to pounce with a group of friends.

The other captivating card games include – UNO, Spot It, Skip-Bo, Mad Gab and more.

Board Games

Board games are also one of the interesting ways to spend your time. Some of the board games which are truly gripping include – chess, checkers, connect 4, the famous monopoly and many more.


Well, reading is undoubtedly one of the best ways to spend time as it helps you in multiple ways. It improves your vocabulary, usage of words and of course your storytelling skills too.

For instance, the camps in the USA organize ‘Camp Readers’ where they encourage kids to read thus promoting their camp offers.

Tossing Games

These games are solely based on luck and it is one of the most engaging games especially when you have a large group of friends.

Some of the popular tossing games are Tic-Tac-Toe, Bean Bag, Ladder Golf and many more.

Online games

Online casino games are undeniably compelling and enchanting as it offers you with a plethora of games to explore from slots to live casino games. You can enjoy playing these games on multiple platforms be it on your desktop, smartphone, tablet, iPhone and iPad.

Do try the online games offered at the Brightstar Casino as it is sure to astound you with its great collection of games and bonus offers. Join now and begin your iGaming adventure today!


Puzzles are truly engrossing as you hardly realise the time passing. Puzzles include brain teasers, riddles and tangrams which help you to enhance your logical and analytical skills.


Bubbles are relaxing and fun. Having different sized wands can certainly add more zeal and excitement to it.


Play-Doh is undoubtedly engaging and fascinating as it involves making shapes with cookie cutters. You can make the shapes of your choice and explore the creative side of you.

Sports Equipment’s

You can also spend your time playing various indoor sports games like Gator balls, fleece balls, Koosh balls, Hula Hoops, Scoops, Jump Ropes and Plastic horseshoes.

Make sure that you engage in the activities you love and most importantly which teaches you some values that make you a better individual in the society.



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