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2017 Mother’s Day Guide Featuring LA KAISER Vermeil Collection”3 Wishes” Opal and Diamond Pendant.

For the next few days we will be sharing many wonderful “Mothers Day Gifts”, we will also share a link to each brand so you can visit them and purchase your own special gift for Mom!

Wow, Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday? All this week we will be sharing with you some wonderful gifts that will make any mom happy!

Today we will be showcasing a beautiful necklace from the LA KAISER  Vermeil Collection called: “3 Wishes” Opal and Diamond Pendant.

This Mother’s Day dazzle mom with this beautiful “3 Wishes” Opal and Diamond Pendant necklace. This beautiful necklace is such a unique necklace to share with Mom, Grandma, or even your girlfriend who is also a mom. With a lovely opal and diamond, mom can wear her necklace and be reminded of what’s dearest to her heart.

After all, with a combination of the sun, star , and moon this piece will definitely demonstrate mom’s deepest and most desired dreams.

The “3 Wishes” Opal and Diamond Pendant will arrive to mom in the company signature box , the necklace is handcrafted,  18kt gold vermeil, has a nice 14kt gold filled chain (18” long) and an enhanced opal cabochon-s/m diamond.

The necklace is also *100% hand-crafted in the USA. It’s a very lovely piece that I think Mom would be delighted to wear.

I want to mention two things about the “3 Wishes” Opal and Diamond Pendant , even though it is an adorable necklace it is very small in size, and you have to be careful with the chain for it is very delicate. I like to mention certain things about gift ideas because I don’t want anyone coming back and saying , this necklace was not what I expected after reading about it on your blog!

So if you haven’t found that nice piece of  fashionable jewelry for mom, it’s not too late to grab this beautiful “3 Wishes” Opal and Diamond Pendant necklace for Mother’s Day.

Here’s a little bit about the owner of the LA KAISER Company:

Cindy of La Kaiser Jewelry has lived in Switzerland, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Los Angeles, and Chicago and her experiences have helped shaped her dreams and goals. She is inspired by her colorful travels and influenced by her background in visual arts and costume design. Made in Chicago, IL.


You can visit the LA KAISER website today to see the “3 Wishes” Opal and Diamond Pendant necklace and many other beautiful fine jewelry pieces.


Don’t forget to connect with LA KAISER via Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | to keep up with the latest.



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10 thoughts on “2017 Mother’s Day Guide Featuring LA KAISER Vermeil Collection”3 Wishes” Opal and Diamond Pendant.

  • Wow! I thought I have lived in many places (4 to be exact). I can totally understand how here experiences in different places shaped who she was, and also influenced her style.

  • What a great piece for someone special. Everyone deserves a little piece of the sky especially around the neck and in fashion that helps us feel special

  • I actually havent seen anyone wear opal in a long time. I guess my millennial generation does not appreciate the gem as much. I think it would make a perfect gift for mom or grandma!

  • Opal is one of my favorite stones and what a pretty necklace. And I had no idea about using olive oil. How interesting.

  • Who new that about olive oil! What are great tip! This necklace is absolutely stunning and definitely a piece I would love to have in my jewelry collection! Opal is such a beautiful stone!

  • I think this necklace looks great for both casual and more elegant events. It looks nice and fashionable for travels and parties too. Moms and aunts would love a piece.

  • Opals always make me smile. They remind me of my grandmother .. she wore an opal and diamond necklace for as long as I can remember and also an opal ring my grandfather gave to her on their engagement day. Above, I really love the necklace, especially because it’s so dainty and feminine. What a wonderful pick for Mother’s Day

  • This is absolutely stunning. I am a HUGE opal lover, the colors on it seriously are just the best. Seriously so beautiful!

  • So beautiful! Do you know if you need to treat the opal with olive oil? I had a beautiful opal ring once but I didn’t know I was supposed to treat it and it cracked 🙁
    This necklace is beautiful! I have so many outfits it would look great with!

    • WOW Heather, I didn’t know that either. Thanks for informing me and my readers! I have a few other opal pieces and I am going to make sure to add some olive oil to them.


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