Why is Lavasa the Best Place to Spend a Weekend When Visiting Pune.

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Because of the presence of a number of budget hotels in Pune between 1000 to 1500, the tourists love to stop by in this gorgeous city and enjoy the growth of the IT hub there. The work-life, the party culture, the delicious food – everything draws tourists to the city of Pune. However, if you have already booked your stay at one of the hotels in Pune between 1000 to 1500 through the websites of any of the leading travel agencies in India like Yatra, why don’t you spend your weekend at the marvelous hill station of Lavasa?

When you drive down the smooth highway to the private city of Lavasa, you will be quite surprised to come across a replica of the Italian architecture. It would feel like entering the foreign land without a passport. Though some of you may accidentally start hunting your bag to check if you are carrying your passport with you, you will sigh in relief when your companions make fun of your reaction after seeing this privately-owned city. Being the first of its kind, Lavasa has a lot more to offer to the tourists than you can think of.

  • Camping by the Lake: At Lavasa, you will get the enchanting view of the lake, and your heart would never want to leave its sight. So that you do not hurt your loving heart, Lavasa has an extraordinary arrangement by means of which you can stay beside the water body in tents. Moreover, if you are spending a night there, you can enjoy dancing around the bonfire or laughing your heart out with your friends.


  • Setting out on a Segway Ride: When you visit Lavasa, the beauty of the surroundings will beckon you to come out of the four walls in which you remained always confined so that you can explore the mirth of heaven in the lap of nature. Now, what if you get tired of walking? Does that mean you cannot enjoy the fresh air and the melody of the birds’ song? Of course, not! If such is the case, you can ask technology to assist you to relish the beauty of nature by simply renting a Segway for a certain time so that the Segway ride helps you to discover Lavasa through your own eyes.


  • Trying Out the Virtual World of Golf: At Lavasa, the Indoor Golf Recreational & Learning Centre offers a personal guide to the virtual world of golf. As you prepare yourself to beat Tiger Woods in the virtual world of golf, you will completely forget how old you are and get absorbed into a remarkable play area of your own. The various levels of virtual golfing that you can choose from are a bonus, and this makes sure that your money has been spent well.


  • Taking Your Time to Bring Out the Adventurous Side of Yourself: While Lavasa is aiming at becoming the recreational and adventure sports capital of the country, why don’t you help this hill station out in this venture? At Lavasa, the Xthrill Adventure Academy is ever willing to help you carry out the various adventure sports that would make you feel every minute of your life come alive.

This list is endless and can be continued to give you what a trip to the lovely hill station of Lavasa would actually be like. However, why should you cheat and tell your friends that you know everything about Lavasa without even visiting the same? After all, you should have your own collection of brilliant experiences and memories from your trip to Lavasa so that you can be the hero in the eyes of the friends and relatives of yours who are yet to visit this enchanted kingdom shortly.


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