How to Make Weight Loss Less of a Task.

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Do you fear going to a dietician? Well, everyone does! The dietician will probably give you a long list of foods to eat and an even bigger list of foods to avoid. Using this list, you can create your own recipes and spend long hours in the kitchen, preventing you from ordering take-out or putting in a quick (and unhealthy) ready meal.

Do you fear going to the gym? We all do, especially when we can barely move around without our joints hurting due to all those extra pounds.

Cutting calories, working out in the gym, avoiding snacks, maintaining a calorie record book and all other tasks associated with dieting are easier said than done. Above all, hiring a personal trainer or nutritionist is so expensive that it may cost you a fortune. In the end, it is only you who can control your portion size and exercise – two things that are crucial for losing weight.

However, there is no need to make your life so tough when you can choose simple weight loss techniques and shed more pounds without thinking you must starve yourself.

Have a look at our expert techniques for making the process of weight loss less of a task!

Download a Calorie Counter App

It is obvious that you cannot carry a calorie counting book with you everywhere you go. Also, you may forget to enter many details and end up eating extra food. The rule to calorie-based weight loss is simple: consume fewer calories than you burn i.e. if you burn 2,000 calories a day, consume 1800 calories or less.

To make things easier, download a calorie counter app to keep track of your meals. Prepare your meal time calendar and add your favourite vegetables, fruits, meats and other foods in the online diary. Many free calorie counter apps provide recipes prepared from the list of ingredients you have entered into the app.

Take Metabolism-Boosting Weight Loss Pills

‘Weight loss pills are dangerous’ – at some point, we have all heard this myth. However, the fact is that weight loss pills are only dangerous if they contain certain ingredients. For example, if you use a weight loss pill that interferes with your natural hormonal balance to reduce food cravings, chances are the pill will bring serious side effects to your health.

A metabolism-boosting weight loss pill makes your weight loss journey unimaginably easy, by reducing fat production and its absorption. They also burn stored fats, boost energy, improve your mood and make you more active and healthier.

If you are looking to lose weight in a healthy but fast way, then metabolism-boosting weight loss pills would be ideal for you to use on your weight loss journey. The brand PhenQ are currently well known for weight loss pills which they sell, with safe ingredients being used in the formula and a high success rate of people burning an excessive amount of stored fat, you can see why their company is so successful at the minute.

Eat More Snacks

Did you know that your metabolism slows down when you eat less? Ideally, you should be eating 5–6 small meals a day to keep your body active and healthy. It would be extremely beneficial if you were to keep fresh fruits and vegetables with you for snacks, just like many celebrities do. When it comes to weight loss, make sure to eat in moderation.

Consume More Omega-3, Protein, and Zinc

Omega-3, richly available in fatty fish such as salmon, tuna and sardine, cleanses your body from harmful toxins, boosts metabolism, improves cognitive health and helps you to burn fat.

Proteins (ideally, combined with strength training) help you burn more calories by The resting metabolism of lean muscles is higher, which means that your body burns calories even while you are resting or sleeping.

Zinc keeps your body active, helps remove toxins and keeps you looking and feeling younger by boosting your energy and metabolism. As zinc is an important mineral for the body the National Institute of Health says that it is vital that males should be getting 11 milligrams of Zinc each day and adult females need around 8 milligrams.

Nuts offer omega-3, proteins and zinc in rich quantities. You can munch on nuts in the office or even whilst grocery shopping. Remember, whatever you eat, eat in moderation!

Stop Multi-Tasking: Give Yourself a Break

Multi-tasking sounds very fancy, especially at the workplace. However, if multi-tasking becomes your habit, it may leave you exhausted and stressed out. Stress disturbs the production of hormones in your body. Have you ever wondered why your body craves sugar and fatty foods after a tough or hectic day? Well, now you know the answer.

Give yourself a break, not just by going on a vacation, but by distributing your work load and completing one task at a time. Practice deep breathing exercises in the morning to release stress.

Ignore What-Not-to-Eat Lists

Many people become so conscious about their diet and weight that they stress themselves out unnecessarily. This in turn leads to more weight gain. Avoid too many calculations. Just be cautious about what you are eating right now.

Remember to Eat Breakfast

You may have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is now backed by science that breakfast can help boost your metabolism and speed up your weight loss journey. For weight loss, eat more proteins and greens in your breakfast.

Sleep More

Love that snooze button? Great! An eight-hour sleep is necessary for maintaining a good circadian rhythm (our body’s natural clock), regulating hormones and improving your metabolism.

Drink Chrysanthemum Tea

Why do we recommend chrysanthemum tea over green tea? Because green tea boosts your metabolism whereas chrysanthemum tea fixes all factors that can cause weight gain. When mixed with ginger, it helps regulate bowel movement, cures constipation and cleanses your stomach and gut. Mix green paste tea with chrysanthemum tea to improve cognitive performance, treat sleeping disorders and improve your eyesight.

Chrysanthemum tea also is useful for clearing clogged arteries, burning fat and reducing cholesterol in the body. This in turn facilitates the process of weight loss. This tea is also used in the treatment of coronary artery disease.

Avoid Doing Anything When Eating Your Meals – Enjoy Each Bite

It is important to note that you crave more food when you are not satisfied with the last meal. Avoid watching TV, using your mobile phone or laptop or any other activity when eating. Chew each bite properly and enjoy the different flavours in order to leave the dining table more satisfied.

Hydrate before Meals

Drink lots of water at least 30 minutes before eating your meal. It will make you feel full and help you control the portion size.

Eat Greens and Foods with Shells

Include green vegetables and leafy greens in all your meals. Foods with shells such as almonds and cashew nuts are rich in Omega-3, proteins and zinc. These foods not only make you feel fuller, but also supply your body with nutrients necessary for losing weight.

Treat Yourself with Clever Desserts

Eating copious amounts of chocolate lava cake on your cheat day – we have all been there and experienced the embarrassment and regret that inevitably follows. Reduce your dessert portions. Eat one bite instead of a full slice of cake. Avoid refined sugars and eat natural sugars instead. For example, instead of eating ice cream, make a homemade sorbet with sweet fruits such as mangos and bananas. You can make fusion sorbets as well.

Weight loss becomes tougher when you see it as a burden. Try our weight loss techniques combined with metabolism-boosting weight loss pills for surprising results!


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