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Keeping a Room Cool During Summer: The Dos

Becoming hot and sweaty on a hot afternoon is very uncomfortable, especially if you have a myriad of activities to undertake. It might lead to low productivity. Therefore, it is important to look at possible ways of cooling down a room during the hot season.

Efficient air conditioning

The first step to achieving the right environment for your various activities is to have a working AC system. The efficiency of an AC system is greatly reduced when its filters are clogged up or when any other part is damaged. Consider hiring one of the HVAC technicians in Utah for the necessary AC tune-up services. Clogged filters do not only cause inefficient cooling of a room, but they also force the AC unit to work harder, thus consuming a lot of electricity. Damaged AC units should be repaired for efficient working. During maintenance, ensure that the filters are cleaned and any defects repaired to ensure that your AC unit is working correctly.

Shutting down blinds

Many people think that opening the window blinds or curtains on a sunny day does not affect a room’s temperature. On the contrary, what helps is closing them down. Closed blinds aid in blocking sunrays, which would otherwise enter the room, heating it up. In case one lacks blinds, they can tack up a dark-colored sheet or towel to achieve the same results. Make sure that you roll up or down the blinds, whichever way one chooses, to achieve a cool room in the summer season.

Proper use of fans

Fans in a room should be placed strategically to ensure proper cooling. Box fans should be placed—each across an open window—facing the outside. They pull hot air from a room and direct it through the window. In turn, cool air from outside is sucked in, replacing the hot air and creating a cool breeze strong enough to cool the whole room.

During summer, it is important to ensure that your ceiling fans are moving counterclockwise so that they can draw hot air up and away from your room. Also, when using a fan, one can try the fan-and-ice trick. It is achieved by placing a bowl of ice cubes right in front of the fan where the air can blow over it. It creates a mist that cools the room faster. In case one lacks a refrigerator or freezer, a moist towel can be used instead. It is important that fans are used properly to achieve efficient cooling of a room.

Strategic opening and closing of windows

One may be tempted to open the windows in the morning and close them at night. But that is the wrong way of doing things. During the hot season, it is important to open the windows in the morning when it is cool and close them when the day gets warm to preserve the chillness. From then on, they should remain closed until when the evening falls. One can then reopen them. Windows should again be closed before bedtime to keep the rooms cool all night long. The strategic opening and closing of windows can be used to cool a hot room efficiently.

It is important to learn a few tips on how to keep a room cool in anticipation of the summer season or while at it. Otherwise, you may have the proper equipment, but you use it wrongly.



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