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Improving Your Basement With These Remodeling Tips

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Are you thinking about doing a little remodeling around the house? If so, your basement may be among the first to turn your attention to. Whatever your plans may be, note that there are always a few handy tips around to make your project easier to pull off. With that said, you may want to give these a shot:

Consider a Social or Recreational Theme

You may already have other rooms at home for social gatherings, but basements can also be prime candidates for conversion if you don’t. After all, a basement is often ideal for a myriad of activities. This could be for the entire family’s use or perhaps just for the kids. If this is something you want, then be sure to select comfortable furnishings. Also ensure sound systems, good lighting, and other features.

Add Bedroom and Bath Features

Like the entry above, your home may already have ample bedrooms and baths, so this may be excessive for some. However, you may also end up having to entertain extended family members or friends and should that be the case, it never hurts to have a basement that can also double as a guest room. Make sure to have an extra toilet for basement to easily answer nature’s call. Comfort is the key thing to ensure here. Consider the size of your basement when choosing what type of bed to place. Plan out whether you want to include a full bath or just half.

Don’t Forget About the Windows and Doors

Having a door or a window in your basement can be a very good thing, particularly from a safety standpoint. If it doesn’t, then you should consider adding them in. This is the type of job that requires professional skill, but you don’t need to be told how worth it all the efforts will be. Speaking of windows, you may want to place a booster system, such as the weBoost signal booster kit, nearby so that you can have excellent cell reception within the confines of your own basement. Besides the safety issues it will alleviate, having windows and doors can also add more natural light to the room.

Finish the Basement’s Ceiling

When it comes to finishing the ceiling, you have around three basic options to choose from. For the concealment of joists, duct-work, and pipes, considering making use of paneling or drywall. Another option would be to hide all these things using a suspended ceiling. One last thing you can choose is to paint it all over using a sprayer. Remember that drywall can bring main room-level polish to your basement. Decorative ceiling beams are also known to add a lot of depth to painted drywall ceilings.

Practicality and Comfort are a Must for the Flooring

Last but not least would be the floor options. A likely scenario is that your floor is made from concrete slab. This is not a bad thing, however; concrete often accepts the vast majority of flooring choices. This can range from vinyl, paint, tile, laminate, and even carpet. Take note that wood flooring shouldn’t be chosen for those with below-average installations. The reason for this is due to wood’s propensity for both shrinking and expansion, which in turn results in warping or gaps. For wood, engineered variants are the better choices.



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