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What’s keeping you up at night? Harvard Medical School says that sleep is one of the three pillars of health, together with nutrition and exercise. The impact of poor sleep go beyond the physical. Insufficient sleep can negatively affect one’s mental and psychological well-being. After a restless night, you’re likely to suffer from sluggishness, irritability, and depression. To attain the recommended hours of sleep, make sure you address the factors that are keeping you awake or interrupting your nightly rest.

The high crime rate in the US is a compelling reason behind the Americans’ poor sleeping habits. According to latest official figures, overall violent crime rose 4.1 percent in 2016 from a year earlier. Property crimes, including larceny-theft, burglary, and motor vehicle theft, dropped 1.3 percent but remains at an alarmingly high rate. There were more than 1.5 million burglaries across the country in 2016, with 69.5 percent attributed to residential burglaries.

Keep your home safe at all times to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Here are 5 tips to boost your home security system.

Secure numerous zones in your home

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 A safe home is a true refuge from the real threats in the world today. Technological innovations have led to a new breed of criminals – a generation of tech-savvy and skilled offenders who can cause harm at unimaginable scale. Today, burglars may not need to physically force open doors to gain access in your home. They can override your alarm system and security software off-site.

How can you ensure a safe home with home security system? Install a high quality alarm system. The DSC Alarm System offers the PowerSeries line that suits various needs. Each model provides the basics such as a keypad, transformer, and backup battery. The DSC Power 1616 can be installed in up to 16 hardwired zones in your home. If you want a wireless alarm system, you simply need a wireless receiver that can open up 32 zones. You can secure nearly all parts of your property including the attic and garage with a

Surveillance cameras with real-time notifications

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Never underestimate criminals. If you’re lucky, home security stickers may elude a couple of burglars but these misleading signage’s will not keep you and your loved ones safe at night. You can’t place your safety into chance – whether or not criminals will call your bluff. Install surveillance cameras in key parts of your home with real-time streaming features.

New models of surveillance cameras are not only recording footage in your home. They can alert you and authorities of any security triggers before and during a home invasion. You can receive the notifications via your smartphone, tablet or computer. This is especially helpful if you’re on vacation for a couple of weeks.

Sign up for 24-hour monitoring service

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Have you ever felt the urge to check the windows and doors at 2 a.m. just to make sure that you indeed secured your home? You can do away with this task and the mental exhaustion that goes with it by signing up on a monitoring service. This type of security service provides 24/7 professional monitoring and remote access and control. Once a suspicious activity triggers the alarm or surveillance equipment, the command center is alerted. If the threat is confirmed, the appropriate authorities are notified for immediate response.

Security companies offer different packages that may include crash and smash protection, off-site control via mobile devices, and insurance cover. Some firms use numerous monitoring centers that allow them to transfer volume to another center. This ensures fast response even in extraordinary instances of high incidence volume.

Explore the wonders of home automation

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Everybody’s talking about home automation. But do you know that this isn’t a new thing in home security? Tech and security companies have been introducing ways of putting greater control to the homeowner. Home automation allows you to set the temperature in your living room upon your arrival. It automatically turns on lights as soon as night creeps in and lets you unlock your door and windows through your smartphone. You can control your home remotely through the Web.

Home automation doesn’t only help you secure your home. It’s a tool that controls energy usage, leading to household savings. According to Energy Efficiency Alberta, smart thermostats can reduce up to 10 percent of heating and cooling bills. Smart plugs for lights, television sets, and other appliances can also help reduce energy consumption.

An ounce of prevention drives the burglars away

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Regardless of the features of your home security system, essentially, the key to a safe and secure home is your vigilance. Remember to update your software to make sure your security system is equipped to thwart new threats. Changing your passwords regularly is a security protocol. Use password encryption as an additional protection.

People are also advised to observe prudence in sharing information online. In this age of social media, criminals use social networks to spy on potential victims. They learn about people’s daily activities, new purchases, and the dates when their homes are unattended. A recent poll suggests that 80 percent of surveyed ex-felons believe that modern-day burglars are using platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to monitor when homeowners are on vacation. “You can minimize your risk of burglary by being mindful of what information you give out on the Internet and who is viewing your activity,” insurer Allianz advises.

You face a lot of worries during your waking life. You think about bills, work, and relations. The endless thinking can cause stress-induced sleep problems. Let your home security be one less problem to worry about. Know about new threats and how to thwart them, secure your home with high quality alarm and surveillance equipment, sign up for 24-hour monitoring service, and automate your home. Most importantly, exercise diligence. Combat new threats through software updates, password updates and encryption and powerful firewalls. Setting your social media on private settings and filtering the content you post are basic yet impactful security tips. These methods can make a lot of difference in making sure you get a good night’s sleep every night.


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