Ways You Can Add Color to Your Home Through Property Styling

Color has an unmatched effect on living spaces. Different tones and textures create varied ambiences. From the bedroom to the lounge, each space warrants a specific appeal that color can achieve. Here are several ways you can add color to your home through property styling.

Light Design

Light design can accentuate the ambience in any living space. Several factors are taken into account when designing lighting conditions. Space is a huge consideration. Large spaces are difficult to illuminate but offer numerous possibilities for design. On the other hand, small spaces limit your options and warrant strict styling choices. Nonetheless, any space can have an appealing light design if everything is done well. Primary lights serve the function of illuminating spaces while accent lights add style. Depending on the function of a living space you can go for different tones and light brightness. Accent lights allow the addition of color to spaces. Warm colors are great for cozy spaces while bold colors go well in entertainment rooms.


Windows account for a lot of wall space. Although leaving some windows uncovered improves lighting, sometimes curtains are necessary for privacy and styling. Curtains come in different sizes, styles and textures. They are great for adding color to spaces and offer unmatched versatility in design. Curtains come in unique textures and the color options are innumerable. Interior designers advise the use of solid colors since color combinations make it hard to style spaces. However, it’s possible to combine colors and achieve unique designs. Be careful to select an ideal curtain for each room.

Flooring and Rugs

Floor spaces are open canvasses ready to hold creative design ideas. Tiles, wood and PVC are great flooring options but their versatility is limited by their permanence. However, rugs and carpets are great, adjustable styling additions that can bring color to a living space. Rugs vary in size, shape and style. Selection is solely based on personal preference but there are rules that can guide styling. Rugs can be styled to match the couch, curtains or the color of any big fitting in a space. Moreover, color combinations can be used. Rugs and carpets are also important in laying out and warming up spaces.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are decorative items that add a creative touch to entertainment, lounging and bedroom spaces. Throw pillows can be designed from bold colors that contrast the color of your sofa. However, they can also match your rugs or curtains. Different color combinations are also effective in accentuating the aesthetics of a space but be careful not to color clash. Throw pillows are also used in bedroom spaces to style the bed and lounging chairs. Although the pillows are not good for sleeping, they make your sleeping area beautiful when you are out of bed.


Furniture pieces can add color to a living space. Large pieces like sofas have a great influence on the color design in a room. They determine the styling of a space and can add an appealing contrast to the wall color and flooring. Smaller furniture like bookshelves, coffee tables and stools can be used as accents. Due to their size, they are more versatile and offer room for more creativity.

Decorative Fittings

There are numerous decorative fittings you can add to a space for design enhancement. Paintings are great for extensive walls with mundane colors. They add color to spaces and give good contrast. Framed family photos also serve the same aesthetic functions. Vases and flowers are brilliant decorative accents for living spaces. They add color and style to space.

Property styling is enough to give your living space a rejuvenating appeal. If you are tired of mundane living conditions, put on your thinking cap and get creative with styling. Add some color to your life.




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