Gardening and Growing Trends for a Modern Era That You Should Know About.

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Garden to table gardening has been around for thousands of years. But that doesn’t mean it’s missed out on the advancements modern technology has to offer. Want to know some recent trends in gardening, influenced by technology? The following will have you appreciating modern inventions all over again.

  1. The Automated Blackout Greenhouse

It’s a greenhouse, but with a controllable light system. In general, having a greenhouse means that you can both start planting earlier and end later in the year. But a new range of greenhouses not only control the indoor heating, but also light, de-humidification, and watering. The auto blackout greenhouse allows the avid gardener to get in more harvests throughout the year by controlling light cycles.

This is the perfect solution for any gardener who wants to grow vegetables or flowers all year round, but who also wants an automated system. No more worries about how your garden will take care of itself during vacation, or if a harsh rain will ruin your blooms. Automated greenhouses are the answer for the gardener/travel lover.

  1. Click & Grow

 Maybe you are not at the level of keeping a greenhouse just yet. Perhaps you are looking for a simple starter project but are not ready to dig up your backyard? Want a manageable project that is not larger than a tissue box, and which you can keep on your kitchen counter? Click & Grow creators have come up with a solution that only requires you to plug it in and fill the water tank. Their smart grow boxes take care of watering cycles and provides the seedlings with needed nutrients. This gives a busy person with all that you need to grow fresh herbs with no effort.

With smart soil that can sense when the plant needs more water, you no longer have an excuse for skipping your greens. Fresh basil, Bloody Sorrel, mint, chili pepper, chives, and leaf mustard. Tomatoes, strawberries, and even flowers. This is the long-awaited answer to those who have always wanted to garden but lacked the green thumb.

  1. Gardening Apps for a Better Garden

Ever wish that you could get a consultation from a gardening expert on when to grow a certain variety? Or you want to figure out the name of that stray wandering plant that has been showing up on the edges of your garden? And exactly when should you transplant your cantaloupe? An army of mobile apps that help gardeners can now dispense that gardening wisdom you have always wanted.

Consider some of the following: 

  • LeafSnap. An app with visual recognition software! Snap a picture of a leaf and it will figure out what species you are looking at. Now you can identify that mysterious-looking plant, or show off to your partner on your next nature walk.
  • Garden Compass. Need help finding out what season to plant? Or how much light a plant needs? This is the app for you. It also has features to help you identify plants and pests.
  • Garden Time Planner. Do you love lists and schedules and want to know exactly what to do daily to keep all your plants on track? This app is what you have been waiting for. Modeled like a checklist, it tells you all your upcoming gardening tasks in checklist form.
  • Garden Manager. Perfect for the person who is on the forgetful side of the scale. (Which is all of us on occasion.) This app allows you to set alarms for all your regular gardening tasks. No more forgetting to water, fertilize, or transplant.

Today’s gardener has a host of information and technology to help improve efficiency and crop yield. Advancements that those even 50 years ago did not have.  The examples listed here are prime reasons we are passionately thankful to be gardening and growing in the twenty first century.



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