The Most Fascinating Facts about Colleges

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Read about the most interesting stories and facts about colleges. Find out where to study for cheap or how to choose the best college for you

Shocking Information about Colleges

The studentship is the most suspenseful period of life for each person. Commonly, it is full of interesting and amazing events, first significant relationships, crazy parties and too hard end-of-semester exams. Besides, according to the statistics data, gathered in 2010, there are more than 21 million students, studying at colleges. It is worth noting that this is almost 6% of the total population.

It makes no matter what department you want to choose; the general rules of studentship are the same. You should attend lectures, write papers, essays, complete your capstone project and create an awful lot of presentations. The type of colleges varies depending on the goals of students: some of them specialize in business, vocational or technical curriculum, the other part of them offers a liberal arts curriculum. Some types of higher educational establishments combine several curriculums. Online education has the same amount of commitment needed in terms of learning. However, it is more convenient compared to attending in a traditional university. You can learn and hone your skills right at your home without sacrificing time and effort commuting to class. For those who are in the field of business, they may consider taking an mba california online to enhance their skills and broaden their knowledge and keep their priorities aligned.

The majority of all colleges are coeducational. It means that both men and women study at one and the same higher educational establishment. Around 60 years ago, men and women couldn’t study together.

Nevertheless, there are some facts about colleges that can amaze any student. Probably you have already finished your college and this information won’t be new to you, but we guarantee that the below-written facts astonish any individual.

Several Fascinating Facts about Colleges

You know that each higher educational establishment is famous for the level of education. Some of them keep a long history in it or can make a boast of too strange traditions. So, read about them below:

  • Harvard College is suspected of inflation. The most common mark here is A level. It is worth noting that this college has considerably softer grading standard than lots of other colleges. Can you imagine this?
  • There are more women than men in US colleges. More than 60 % of all American students are women. Utah is an exception to the rules because here are more men than women at colleges.
  • The Golden State California (one of the richest ones in the USA) spends more on prisons than on colleges. These days, this state shells out more cash from their fund for the development and improvement of their prison system than the development of the higher education.
  • Do you know who visited Disneyland first? It was a college student, Dave MacPherson. He was the first person in line in 1955. Nevertheless, he didn’t ride the offered attractions. The company gifted him a lifelong ticket to Disneyland. Thus, the first visitor of the best attraction park in the world was a college student!
  • More than 30 years ago, two brothers (twins) that were separated after birth met at college. Both men were brought up in different families. When both of them entered a higher educational establishment, they met there. Such news was spread in media quickly. One more brother was found. In sober fact, they were triplets separated at birth. All of them met at college.
  • Statistically, among 2,5 million college students who enter the higher educational establishment each year, only half of them graduate it. Thus, before choosing a college each student inquires the information about the retention rate among students.
  • Wish to get a higher education in the USA for cheap? It is possible in Deep Springs College. This is a well-known community college, which is situated in California. It is isolated from the other districts. Students, studying there live on campus and pay a pittance for living there. Instead of this, they are made to work at least 18-20 hours per week. As a rule, this is a part-time job as a waiter, biscuit-roller, etc. This is an excellent opportunity to get a higher education for those who can’t pay a decent sum of money annually.
  • Oregon can make a boast of a small college with a nuclear reactor. As a rule, it is run by their undergraduate students. There are an awful lot of research reactors in the world, but this particular college has more female operators than all other similar establishments on the globe.
  • Around 25% of all US undergrads work at least 20 hours per week. Both students and their parents believe that part-time job is good for their kids. Nevertheless, those individuals who try to combine education and work are made to organize their time in order to be in time everywhere.


In sober fact, there are much more shocking facts about higher educational establishments of UK, USA, Australia or other countries. We chose the most interesting ones. In any case, if you choose your college, you’ll definitely stumble at a plethora of interesting events held there or facts related to the life of students there. Furthermore, maybe you’ll be the one who shapes the history of a particular college!



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