4 Things You Need To Do To Be Better In 2020

If you are excited that 2019 is already in our rear-view mirror and 2020 is staring us in our faces, then it’s time to start your year right. You can also check out some random facts about nutrition. But one is certain: We all want to better ourselves when the first day of the year kicks in.

In this article, we’ll show you five things you should do as soon as possible to be a better version of you this 2020. If you’re ready to dominate and make this the best year yet, start doing these tips to improve yourself.

1.) Drinking Right!

First, make a habit of consuming more water every day. If you can, commit to drinking one gallon of water a day. We can’t stress enough the importance of hydration and how it can make you look good and feel good. Not to mention that your body will operate at maximum capacity if you drink adequate water every day.

If you don’t practice consuming enough water, you’ll be living in a state of dehydration. If you drink plenty of water, your skin will start to glow; you’ll feel more energetic and less groggy.

The other side of the coin is to lessen or even stop drinking alcohol. If you want to see an automatic and almost instantaneous change, quit the poison. If you can’t quit entirely, try to drink on occasion and moderately. You’ll see noticeable changes fast on how you look, feel, and how productive you will be.

2.) Get up an Hour Earlier

Practice getting up an hour earlier than you’re supposed to. Why? Because that extra hour will be entirely for you to spend on whatever you feel like. Having that extra hour, maybe now you’ll have time to go to the gym, take your pet for a walk, read a book, and many other things.

We’re not saying you should wake up at 5:00 or 4:00 am. It all depends on what time you need to start your day. If you currently need to get up at 8, then get up at 7. If you currently get up at 7, get up at 6.

If you start doing this, it will literally change your lifestyle. You will feel and will have so much time to be more productive throughout the day and for the rest of the week.

Now, this comes at a cost. Typically if you want to get up an hour earlier, you also need to sleep an hour earlier. But the truth is, you won’t miss anything by doing it.

3.) Exercise 30 Minutes a Day

This year should be the year that you beg yourself to start exercising. Go out and get your heart rate up at least 30 minutes every day. Go for a jog, do a home workout, do Zumba. Whatever you enjoy, commit to doing it every single day.

Exercising is proven and tested. If you can commit just 30 minutes of your time to exercise, almost every aspect of your life will change. You’ll look better, feel less stressed, and most importantly, be healthier than ever. Committing yourself to exercise may be the most crucial decision that will drastically improve your life.

4.) Strengthen your relationships

Make an effort to strengthen friendships and spend more time with family. Instead of using things like alcohol and video games as outlets to de-stress, release your stress by spending time with your loved ones.

Part of being well-rounded and a better person is having healthy relationships. Don’t focus only on your physical aspect. Also, balance the emotional and mental aspects of your life. If you start to be more receptive and caring towards others, you’ll feel a sense of fulfillment. That’s way beyond the happy feeling of losing a pound or looking good.


Here’s the deal: 2019 has passed. 2020 is already upon us, with all the challenges ready to throw at us. The question is: how are you going to face it? We hope you crush it in life and strive to be a better person every single day. With these four tips, you’ll be guaranteed to become better than you were last year.



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