On The Road Again – 5 Car Repairs You Can Safely Do Yourself At Home

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 Taking your car to the garage is an easy but expensive trip that all vehicle owners have to make at least once a year. Mechanics know how to safely and efficiently check that your car is in good working order, and how to fix any issues that might have arisen.

Car issues and checks need an expert most of the time, but did you know that some repairs can be done at home? To save a bit of money, and time, check out these five car repairs you can safely do yourself in your own backyard.

1.  A Battery Change

A battery change is one of the easiest DIY car repairs you can do at home, and even better, it only needs doing every 5-6 years. Simply look for car parts online and find yourself the right battery for your vehicle. You’re already saving money by purchasing this way as garages will always inflate the price, sometimes as much as 400%.

Once you have the new battery, you can make the switch. There are many guided tutorials and videos showing you exactly how to do this.

2.  Change The Oil

Oil changes can be expensive in some places, and on top of the high price, many mechanics will use cheaper oil than you would go with if you had the choice. This means it’s worth investing the money you save into higher quality products and handling the oil change yourself. Both your car and your bank account will be healthier as a result.

3.  Switch Those Spark Plugs

Switching spark plugs is very easy, although it isn’t a common repair on modern vehicles because spark plugs are designed to “last a lifetime.” Even so, it could be something you need to do, and if this is the case, you don’t need to fork out for a mechanic. Changing spark plugs is something you can do safely yourself.

You do need a special tool called a spark plug wrench, but if you ask around, especially amongst older relatives, you’ll likely find someone who has one you can borrow.

4.  Replace a Taillight Or A Headlight

Car lights that aren’t working aren’t just dangerous – they could also see you pulled over by law enforcement, and possibly even fined. You could visit a garage to have your lights changed, and some hardware stores even offer these services. Bulbs tend to be extremely cheap, but the labor of a mechanic doing the job can be extremely high.

Fortunately, there’s no need to hire a professional for this job – you can easily do it yourself. Simply take your bulb to the hardware store and get the exact replacement, then switch it safely using gloves or a cloth. If you’re uncertain, there are plenty of tutorials online for every vehicle make and model.

5.  Change The Windshield Wipers

Did you know that 22% of the 6 million vehicle-related accidents in the US are caused by the weather? Windshield wipers are an important part of vehicle safety, protecting you against all sorts of climatic issues. Many people choose to have the dealership do the job, which can be expensive.

Save yourself time and money and switch by switching your wipers yourself. Buying them costs next to nothing, and switching them takes minutes. The instructions are even on the wiper blade packets!

Not every vehicular job requires a mechanic. Many tasks, like the ones listed above, can be completed easily at home. If you’re ever in doubt, do consult a professional as your driving safety is never worth saving a few dollars.


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