10 Most Popular Tattoo Trends of All Time

Selecting a perfect tattoo design that never goes out of fashion is one of the hardest things to do. One scroll through the tattoo section of Pinterest, and you will get a plethora of designs to choose from. However, it is relatively tough to find a tattoo design that stays in trend for as long as it is etched on your skin. 

These tattoos can be inspirational, meaningful, and expressive – especially when done stylishly. In this article, I have compiled the list of the 10 most popular tattoo trends of all time with their meanings. So, let us get started without wasting any time.


    1. Butterfly

A butterfly is one of the most popular tattoo trends of all time, specifically amongst women. Butterflies symbolize freedom, transformation, grace, and beauty. The tattoo is available in different colored inks and sizes that make it beautiful yet significant. 

    2. Heart 

A heart symbol indicates love, passion, and happiness in a person’s life. It is a popular tattoo choice for both men and women to get. It is a symbol of love but sometimes could serve as a reminder of heartbreak as well. Different colored hearts symbolize different meanings, so you should research thoroughly before getting a heart tattoo. 

    3. Simply Love 

The love tattoo is an expression of love towards your parents, siblings, partner, or even pet. It represents different feelings like faith, hope, passion, friendship, loyalty, devotion. If you are someone who believes in love, a simple love tattoo would be the right choice irrespective of your gender. 

    4. Roman Numerals 

Roman Numerals are one of the most common tattoo trends of all time. The purpose of the tattoo of Roman Numeral is to revive happy memories of any specific day like the birth of your child, your wedding, etc. A great way to show care and affection to a loved one. 

    5. Snake

A snake tattoo symbolizes power, strength, knowledge, and wisdom. Historically, snakes represent fertility, rebirth, or a creative life force. In humans, a snake tattoo could represent someone’s fierce and sharp personality. It could also mark a powerful transformation in one’s life.

    6. Star

A star tattoo signifies goals, hope, ambition, success, and honor. It is one of the most simple and beautiful tattoo designs that constantly reminds you of your goals. Stars represent good luck and success and are considered extremely lucky.

    7. Pet Paw

If you are a pet lover, this one is for you. The paw tattoo is a nice way to acknowledge your beloved pet’s presence in your life. It symbolizes undying loyalty and affection. You can get this tattoo even if you don’t have a pet but are an animal lover. 

    8. Rose

Rose tattoos commonly signify love and beauty. However, different shades of roses can mean different things. For example, a red rose is an indicator of love whereas, a black rose represents sadness. It is up to you which color you choose for your tattoo. 


The inspiring quote tattoos will provide inspiration and strength to overcome certain problems. Getting your favorite motivational quote inked on your arms or wrist can bring some good energy in life.

    10. Birds

Bird tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs because of their versatility. A bird represents freedom, peace, optimism, etc. It is a great tattoo choice for a person who is free-spirited and wants to travel around the world. 

Healing Process After Getting Inked 

A tattoo usually takes around 3-6 weeks to fully heal. The tattoo will itch during the healing process but do not scratch it, apply moisturizer if required. Always wash your hands before touching your tattoo and cover up when you are in sun. Go through a detailed guide on the tattoo healing process for a hassle-free experience. 


Tattoos are often an indicator of someone’s personality and life. It is important to choose a design that would remain a classic no matter what. We hope this article helped in choosing the best one for you. 





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