How to decorate your home with decorative pillows?

You may be surprised, but textiles can affect the perception of the interior. Placement of accents, creation of an atmosphere of coziness and comfort, certain completeness of style – all this can be provided by decorative pillows. 

Soft pillows can be of various sizes, shapes, and made from a wide variety of materials: whether sewn from bright fabrics, covered with leather or fur, knitted, or decorated with patterns. In addition to decorating, pillows have another important function – they serve your comfort so that you can always sit comfortably on an armchair, sofa, bed, terrace, etc.

How to decorate your home with decorative pillows

Undying classic

In a good interior, everything should be thought out and correspond to the design idea, including the decor. Pillows, as an element of decor, are no exception – they should also be in harmony with the chosen style. In a classic interior, for example, pillows in the form of a square, rectangle or circle are well suited. The material should be of high quality, noble, and textured: tapestry, velvet, lace.

How to decorate your home with decorative pillows

Monochrome decor

Even monochrome interior decor can look voluminous and expensive. With minimal use of color in the interior for pillows, use various draperies and puffs, and also choose materials that are contrasting in texture and quality: velour’s, jacquard, atlas, lace, skin, knitted fabric.

How to decorate your home with decorative pillows

Decoration in oriental style

If you want to make your living room in an oriental style, sofa cushions with embroidery, unusual ornaments, and tassels in the corners are perfect for it. You can also sketch out single-colored multi-colored pillows since in an oriental interior the colors are rich, bright, and varied.

These pillows of different sizes are placed on upholstered furniture and on the floor in all rooms: living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen. In Eastern tradition, people usually sit on the floor and do not use high furniture.

Decorative pillowcases fit this design very well, plus they are very practical. The idea is that with multiple sets of pillowcases in different styles and colors, you can change the decor of your home whenever you want. Moreover, thanks to removable covers, it is easier to care for them. All you need is to replace the pillowcases and send them to the wash.

How to decorate your home with decorative pillows

Romantic decor

How to create a romantic mood in the interior with pillows? You will need decor from textile elements, ruffles, lace, floral prints. The main thing here is that the decorative elements and materials of the pillows coincide with the style of upholstered furniture, blankets, curtains, floor lamps, etc.

As mentioned at the beginning, pillows as a decorative element should correspond to the overall design concept of your home. If you decide to focus on decor, then keep all textiles – curtains, pillows, tablecloths, bedspreads – in the same color scheme, rich and eye-catching. If your task is to emphasize the interior and its style, then sew pillows with your own hands from materials that match the style and don’t stand out from the overall picture. Or if you want to stand out at all and have something truly unique, order a custom face pillow from AllAboutVibe.

How to decorate your home with decorative pillows

Children’s room decor

Interior pillows for babies have their own characteristics: they do not have to look expensive and respectable, but they must be bright, cheerful, and sewn from natural materials and as well as have fillers. Funny apps with cartoon characters will please your sun!

Cookie pillows are unusual and make you smile. In fact, themed pillows are ideal for a child’s room, which develop imagination and arouse interest. For example, pillow covers with a travel map, images of birds and animals, numbers, and letters will be interesting and useful for your baby.

Color spectrum

How to decorate your home with decorative pillows

The color and texture of the fabric are very important when choosing toss pillows. Namely, how they are combined with the upholstery. Give preference to colors that are already present in other elements of your interior. 

As for the number of pillows, it is generally accepted that the optimal number is from three to six. And they look best when they are lying around randomly – so they “do not argue” with each other, but complement each other.

How to decorate your home with decorative pillows

The fabric of the pillows adds and brings different textures to the interior of the house. Pillows can be called soft accessories for upholstered furniture, armchairs, and sofas. They can be absolutely any shape that your imagination can come up with: from traditional (square, rectangle, circle, roller) to exotic (heart, flower, knot, and many others).

Pillow decor

Ordinary cords, braid, lace, beads, and buttons, as well as original puffs, draperies, fur, unexpected materials, and their combinations, and even children’s toys can be a decoration for your interior pillows! If you decide to make pillows with your own hands, connect inspiration and creativity. The result will surely please you.

How to decorate your home with decorative pillows

Wrapping up 

So what is the conclusion? Decorative pillows are those pleasant little things that will give your home individuality and special charm. Designers offer a wide variety of pillows: silk, velvet, tapestry, brocade, linen, fur, leather, suede. Hand-embroidered decorative pillows with lace trim and appliqués are especially appreciated.


There are so many different options on the market that you can’t just ignore them. Buy some pillows and make your home a truly stylish place.




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