How to Create an Elegant Look in Your Dining Room

Going out to eat at an upscale restaurant can be a true pleasure. When you have the same ambiance in your own home, you can enjoy that same sense of luxury every night of the week. Here’s how to bring more elegance into your own dining room.

Start with an Elegant Dining Set

The centerpiece of your dining room is, of course, the dining table and chairs. So, you’ll want to make sure this furniture is both beautiful and refined. For example, when you start with a set like the Versailles Counter Height Dining Room Set (Bone White), you’ll be well on your way to dining room bliss. Its bone white finish, scrolled table apron and legs, and button-tufted upholstered chairs give it a look of pure luxury.

Spruce Up Your Walls

Think of your dining room walls as a canvas you can paint to create any picture you choose. Place enchanting art on your walls in single large frames or a collection of smaller ones. Use a stylish mirror to reflect your taste for elegance. Create a flourishing vertical garden on one wall. You can even take cues from your favorite dining spot. Whatever you do, don’t just leave them blank.

Give Your Floors Some Attention

You might not spend a lot of time looking directly at your floors. Yet, you’ll still be aware of the subtle or not-so-subtle impact they have on the rest of the room décor. If you have hardwood or stone floors, it’s usually best to add a rug below the table, not only for looks but also for practical reasons. Choose a rug that doesn’t detract from your interior design theme but does add a special touch of abundance. If your dining room floor is carpeted, you may still want to consider layering on a special rug to bring emphasis to the dining area.

Choose the Right Lighting

Lighting can make a huge difference in the overall effect of your décor. Some ideas for the most elegant dining room include putting up a graceful chandelier, placing beautiful candles on the table, or simply opening the curtains and letting the sunlight stream in. The right lighting will bring out the elegance of your dining room set even more.

Add Linens

Linens give your dining room a nicely finished look. Adorn your tabletop with a richly-embroidered or embossed tablecloth. Or, if your table is already ornate, you may want to choose luxurious placemats and cloth napkins. The linens you choose should complement the table you get. You can view a variety of dining sets at 1StopBedrooms dining sets and imagine the kinds of linens you might use for each. Be sure to get high-quality linens so they’ll still look gorgeous after being used and laundered.

Creating an elegant-looking living room takes some thought and a bit of research. Take your time viewing dining sets, considering wall art and decorations, exploring lighting options, and choosing linens. When you use the elements that give your room a rich, well-dressed look, you’ll enjoy home dining more than ever before.



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