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How to Win Money Online Without Risking Any of Yours

There are plenty of options for making money through the internet without ever having to leave home. Some of these involve simple tasks such as filling out surveys, and others can come from utilizing skills such as graphic design or editing.

 However, there are very few ways to make money online without having to put either some work in or some real cash. Gambling online is clearly a popular activity today, and there are numerous gaming sites and apps available. But, not everyone is prepared to risk their hard-earned money on a wager.

So, what ways are there to win money online, without having to take the chance of losing any? And, is the effort worth it compared to the rewards on offer?


What type of prizes can you expect to win online?

The ideal reward would be hard cash, and this is very possible, but many of the apps and websites that offer prizes will vary in the type of reward available.

Expect to see the following when you are searching for rewards:

  • NFTs
  • Cash paid out via PayPal or another method such as a check
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Gift cards
  • Discounts for online purchases
  • Other prizes

Often online games which offer cash or other rewards will have in-game currencies. These can be used to purchase NFTs in some cases, or exchanged for real-world money.

In the case of online competitions, you may see a variety of different rewards. Each competition holder will stipulate their prize. This may be holiday spending money or supermarket vouchers.

However, competitions aren’t the only way to win money. Below there are a few more options for playing to win starting with online casinos

Can you win money in online casinos without staking any yourself?

Online casinos and sportsbooks are the obvious places to start looking if you want to win money online. Yet, the goal here is to win with no threat to your own finances.

The many casinos online all offer a variety of games including poker and the very popular slot machines. The choice is almost endless, and they also very often give sign-up bonuses and free bets. 

It is these that you can use to try and win money without depositing any of your own cash. The key is to find free deposits and bets that don’t have too many terms and conditions surrounding them. You can delve further into this area toward the end of the article.

Are play-to-earn games realistic ways to make money?

These types of games have been making some noise for a while. They come in different forms and with different rewards.

Some play-to-earn models offer gift cards and vouchers, those that offer cash, and then those that are linked to crypto and NFTs. Here is a brief look at these games.

Play-to-earn for cash or gift cards

Possibly the ideal option is to get real-world cash for your gaming. After all, being paid to play games doesn’t sound too taxing at all. You already know there are many online jobs for stay-at-home moms, but what about playing for cash instead?

The Play Store is full of games that offer cash prizes, usually through PayPal, but they are certainly not all equal. Some may feel so repetitive and mundane that work might be preferable. Yet, some such as Swagbucks offers multiple game choices. The trick with Swagbucks is to play one of the 3 free games to build up some SB first. This can then be used to enter the cash prize games.

Mistplay is another Android option with a choice of games. Progression is quicker with in-game purchases, but these aren’t necessary to win Amazon gift cards or virtual Visa prepaid cards.

Play to earn for NFTs and crypto

You will need to have a crypto wallet for most of these types of games and the developer will normally stipulate which one, such as the Ronin Wallet. You are unlikely to find any record-breaking NFTs but you could make a few hundred extra dollars a month.

This is the biggest growing area of play-to-earn at the moment. Spells of Genesis started the wave of NFT games, and Axie Infinity may be the best known. The drawback with many games that offer crypto and NFT rewards is that they need some investment to begin with. This is a problem as you are looking to win for free.

Fortunately, not all of these games need an upfront investment. Axie Infinity Origin is the newer version of this title and it no longer needs any investment to get started. Similarly, Gods Unchained, Adamant Mine, The Sandbox Metaverse, and Hodl God, all let players jump right in without investment.

Could free-to-play bingo pay out real money?

Bingo has been played for centuries. The roots of Bingo can be traced back to 1530 and Italy it is believed. Now though, the most popular way to play is online.

Bingo traditionally has been played for money. So, it is no shock that the digital counterparts also have cash prizes. Some such as Blackout Bingo offers the chance to make money without depositing any, but it has some drawbacks. You can see these below.

What are the pitfalls to watch for when playing for cash without any stake?

Making money for playing games sounds a little too good to be true. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that not all titles or gaming sites will want to part with cash or prizes easily.

Some research is definitely needed to make sure that you can actually access your winnings, and that there aren’t hidden conditions in the small print. Some games can leave you feeling that you’ve been scammed, even if it is only your time that has been taken.

The downside to playing some of these games is listed below. Check the FAQs for the games you want to play along with some recent player reviews.

High data consumption

Many play-to-earn games rely on heavy advertising. Not a problem unless you are using mobile data, and then you might find you’re burning through credit.

Rules being switched suddenly

A number of games allow steady progression until you are within sight of your goal. Then, the rules are changed and progress comes to a screeching halt and you never receive any payout.

Verification before payout

Some players have complained that they were unable to verify their ID and were never paid. Check that you qualify for payout before playing.

Not receiving gift cards or payment

Again, some players have claimed that certain platforms have never paid them. Searching for reviews should help to ascertain that the game you are playing is legit.

Long time to reach minimum withdrawal limit

Many games require you to have a minimum balance in your account before you can withdraw. This isn’t necessarily a problem unless progress is particularly slow as it is with some games.

Needing to deposit money before withdrawal

This is the most common catch and can happen with casinos and sports bets sometimes. Free spins or bingo games may let you win real money, but you may have to make a minimum deposit of your own money before you can withdraw.


Many of these games take a considerable amount of time to play before money can be accrued. Players have praised such titles as Axie Infinity as money can be genuinely made. Practice will help to speed up progress, and there are even skills a gamer can develop to play casino games more effectively.

The key is to understand how much you can realistically win, and how long it will take before you head into any game. The small print should be read, and all the terms and conditions on withdrawal understood.

Despite the possible pitfalls, and the time it could take to reach certain goals, it is possible to win money online with no cash investment. The key might be to pick a game you enjoy though so it doesn’t feel like such a grind.


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