Top 10 Online Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

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 Being a stay at home mom does not mean that it is the end of your professional career or inability to start something new. On the contrary, there are many ways how you can explore the opportunities from becoming a part of the best online translation agency as a technical consultant or working as a text editor in your native language. The trick is to combine your knowledge and the use of online technology, which lets you work from home with a flexible schedule.

Top 10 Online Jobs for Stay-at-Home Mothers

  • It is a perfect example of an interesting job with a schedule that you choose. The task is to correct mistakes in written, audio, video content, interviews, or negotiations. Check out interview transcription services to see how it works and learn more about requirements and remote job opportunities.


  • Just like editing, it is one of those job offerings where the list of orders is usually constant. Your task is to check grammar, spelling, small details, and style. Such work may include proofreading blog posts, books, websites, business agreements, and more.


  • Freelance Translation. If you have relevant certification in linguistics and would like to expand your career, you can work as a freelancer. Alternatively, see here to learn that even the United Nations translation specialists may work remotely.


  • Web or mobile apps localization. If you are a web developer, GUI designer, or programmer, you can join the team of remote localization specialists. If you also know a foreign language, you can learn more info here about how to get some good language certification and expand your employment options.


  • Online Tutoring. Regardless if you have a background in education, you can establish or join any of the existing tutoring courses. From cooking, handcraft, history, music lessons to simple tutoring for middle school children, you can share your professional knowledge and make an income.


  • This particular job may not sound like something an average person would do, yet starting a blog and connecting it with some popular market products and advertisement campaigns can bring a good income. You can write down your thoughts, share family life tips, and photography to become an influencer.


  • Graphic Designer. It is one of those jobs that fit well for stay-at-home parents. Create logos, make special presentations, organize design workshops, or join a team of professional designers and work in a team of international freelancers. In most cases, the schedule is flexible and you can take as many orders as you like both as a remotely employed or as a freelancer.


  • Social Media Marketing. Although such jobs are sometimes not easy to find, you can look for various offers in your professional field because it will always include at least one example of an online presence. The majority of social media marketing jobs require no prior experience, which is a great advantage for newbies.


  • Travel Consulting. You might have seen fancy travel websites that have an online consultant who is always online and ready to provide relevant information. Such jobs do not take much time and you can work even during the off hours internationally.


  • Health Coaching. Use online conferencing tools to work as a coach or a yoga instructor for stay at home mothers like you. It is not only entertaining but a great way to make a career and help others stay in good shape.

Is it Possible to Combine Several Online Jobs?

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One such job is the localization of web pages or mobile applications because it involves the work of a translator, code editor, programmer, proofreader, graphic designer, social media expert, and more. Even if you do not know a foreign language, your skills of a GUI developer or programming knowledge can help you to correct certain mistakes. Likewise, you can combine the work of a book editor with the creation of marketing campaigns or work in the field of media.





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