How to Style Your Outfit with a Floating Charm Locket

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Lockets have been in existence for centuries. There is something about their charm that makes them must-have items in every jewelry box. With an array of types, shapes and locket sizes that are in existence, you are bound to find something that truly captures your heart. Today, floating charm lockets have gained traction.

Who Can Wear Floating Charm Lockets?

Floating charms are not biased, they can be worn by people of any gender. Everything from new moon to heart charm lockets are available for you to choose depending on your taste and preference. Charms make floating lockets even more special.

Although conventional lockets are a bit feminine in appearance and are typically favored by women, there are sterling silver or gold-toned floating lockets that have a masculine appeal.

There are lockets that come with open spaces that can be used to insert the picture of your loved one and keep it close to the heart. This is what makes them nostalgic.

Styling Your Outfit with Floating Charms

They are stainless steel charm lockets that come with clear glass on both sides. They have a unique way of adding style and flair to any outfit. Floating charms will not only give you a personality kick but will also tell a unique story.

Looking to spruce up your look? Here is how you can style your outfit with a floating charm locket:

  • Let your floating charm locket stand out

The last thing you want to do is hide your locket away from plain sight. To give it the most focus, do not layer it over your other jewelry. By choosing to wear single floating charms without other pendants or necklaces, you will be letting your locket shine. To showcase it in the best way, go for a top with a high collar or one where the neckline will cut just before the locket. This way, your statement piece will give you some much-added style.

  • Match all your other jewelry to your floating charm locket

Should you want to wear bracelets, earrings or other types of jewelry, ensure that all of them match your floating charm. Remember that less is more in this case. When you wear too much jewelry, you will be taking the shine away from your floating locket. Therefore, keep the jewelry at a minimum and ensure that their metal or shade matches that of your locket. For instance, you can choose to wear a bracelet with charms that mimic your locket dangle.

  • Don a simple sweater with your casual outfit

Whether you are going to a social function or simply want to wear your floating charm locket with your jeans or tank top, the trick is to don a simple sweater over the outfit. This is because the sweater will give your locket all the attention that it needs. If the sweater has a low neckline, a short locket will do. However, if the neckline is above your collarbone, a longer locket will complement it even more. The floating locket will mimic your sweater’s ‘V’ neckline.

  • Wear ‘delicate’ floating charm lockets with your business attire

While it is pretty easy to throw a floating charm locket over your casual dress, your business attire requires you to make the right statement. This is because fine and delicate floating charms are best worn with your formal dress code. These kinds of lockets can be paired with any formal outfit as long as your neckline shows off the locket. If you do not want to draw too much attention to your locket because you are in an office setting, pair it with a different chain and this will tone it down.

  • Experiment with a variety of metals

In the world of fashion, mixing different types of metals together is considered a faux pas. But with floating lockets, you may just get away with it. There is no need to stick sterling silver lockers or gold plated ones slowly. A little mix and match go a long way and enhances your style. So, think about contrasting floating lockets of different colors and pair them together for a unique and vibrant interest.

If you have been pondering over how to wear your locket, these style tips should be of help. The most common way to incorporate floating charms into your style is by embracing their antique feel and wearing the lockets alone or pairing them with other pendants and necklaces.  Either way, you will make an unforgettable style statement. Floating lockets are a wardrobe essential that creates the best artisanship. They have a timeless sensibility yet contemporary way about them. Choose the right one and you will be able to complement your attire every day.




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